Get 20 Mystery Keys To Expand Your Steam Library

Fanatical Launches Spring 2023 Mystery Bundle: Get Up to 20 Games for USD$13.49

Fanatical, a popular online video game retailer, has launched its Spring 2023 Mystery Bundle promotion, offering gamers the chance to get up to 20 games for as low as USD$1 per mystery key. This promotion differs from previous mystery bundles as it allows customers to purchase any number of mystery keys from one to twenty, with the best value being the full bundle of 20 keys for USD$13.49.

While the titles of the games included in the bundle remain a mystery, Fanatical promises to pull randomly from a list of over 200 games across the most popular gaming genres that have been carefully selected by their passionate gaming team. By purchasing the full 20-key deal, customers also have the chance to win one of ten “Best of 2023” packs, which contain six AAA titles, including Returnal, Resident Evil 4, and Hi-Fi Rush, among others. The availability of these packs is limited, so buying the full bundle increases the odds of receiving one.

The promotion has created excitement among gamers who are eager to add new titles to their Steam library at a fraction of the cost. Fans of mystery games are especially drawn to this offer as it adds an element of surprise and anticipation to their gaming experience.

It’s worth noting that the promotion is available for a limited time only, so interested gamers are encouraged to act fast. With the promise of random games from a carefully curated list and the chance to win a “Best of 2023” pack, the Spring 2023 Mystery Bundle is an attractive offer for gamers of all levels.

Each game key in the Spring 2023 Mystery Bundle is unique, ensuring that gamers receive a diverse collection of titles for their Steam library. However, if multiple bundles are purchased, there is a possibility of receiving duplicate game keys. It’s important to note that all keys in the bundle must be activated on Steam before April 30, 2023, to ensure their validity.

In addition to the mystery keys, each bundle comes with a 5% discount coupon that can be used on future purchases from Fanatical. This added bonus provides even more value to the already-attractive Spring 2023 Mystery Bundle promotion.

For those who prefer to have more control over the games they receive, Fanatical also offers the Spring 2023 edition of their Diamond Collection. This collection allows customers to choose up to five PC games for $23, providing them with the opportunity to select titles that are of interest to them.

We’ll be trying the mystery bundle to see what we can get! Stay tuned to our Instagram and TikTok to see what we get!


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