Dyson Zone: Air Purifying Headphones

The urban pollution problem

As urban populations grow, so does the associated infrastructure – transportation, construction, and traffic – all of which impact the environment in which we live by polluting the air and generating noise

Tackling air pollution in cities is a specific task, whether you are commuting to work, traveling abroad, or traversing the city you live in. The Dyson Zone’s filtration system and air delivery mechanism are specifically engineered to address the dual challenges of city noise and air pollution.

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The Dyson Zone solution

The Dyson Zone air-purifying headphones are the result of Dyson’s 30 years of expertise in airflow, filtration, and motor technologies, as well as a deep understanding of indoor and outdoor air quality.

To tackle pollution on the go, the compressors in each earcup draw air through the dual-layer filters and project two streams of purified air to the wearer’s nose and mouth for high-efficiency filtration, channeled through a non-contact, detachable visor.

Electrostatic filters capture 99% of particle pollution as small as 0.1 microns, including allergens and particles like brake dust from construction. A second layer, K-Carbon, is a potassium-enriched carbon filter designed specifically to capture acidic gases most commonly associated with city pollution, such as construction fumes, sewage, and stale air in public transportation systems.

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The Dyson Zone is engineered to deliver high-fidelity, immersive audio with ultra-low distortion and a broad frequency range, ensuring that each note or word is clearly heard. The headphones incorporate 11 microphones within the product. The Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) system uses eight of these microphones to reduce city sounds up to 38 dB, while dual microphone beamforming and noise suppression technology enable clear phone calls, voice recording, and voice control.

Powered by advanced lithium-ion batteries and USB-C charging, the headphones offer 50 hours of audio-only run-time, or 4 hours of combined purification and audio run-time, charging up to 100% in 3 hours.

Pricing and availability

Dyson Zone – $1,249

Ultra Blue/Prussian Blue

Accessories – 1x pair of electrostatic carbon filters, Visor cleaning brush, USB-C charging cable, Visor sleeve, “Quarter Turn” hard case

Dyson Zone Absolute+ – $1,399

Prussian Blue/Bright Copper


Accessories – 2 x pairs of electrostatic carbon filters, Visor cleaning brush,USB-C charging cable, Visor sleeve, Explorer case, Inflight adaptor kit soft pouch
*Exclusive to Dyson Direct via or at Dyson Demo Stores 

Singapore will be the first within Southeast Asia to unveil the Dyson Zone. Pre-orders for the Dyson Zone headphones with air purification will be available on and at Dyson Demo Stores from 24 April 2023. It will go on sale from 3 May 2023.


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