myFirst Fone R2 Announced Along with Smartwatch and Updated App

myFirst, a Singapore-based kids tech company, is bringing some exciting updates to its social community app for kids – myFirst Circle. This major upgrade, myFirst Circle 2.0, is now available on both myFirst’s smartwatch and mobile phone app. It introduces a range of interactive features, including Momojis that enable kids to express their feelings through animated emojis, and Knock-Knocks, allowing immediate video or photo responses to parents’ online prompts.

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The new smart location tracking and classification feature offer parents real-time insights into their children’s activities, providing a sense of assurance throughout the day. Since its launch in January 2023, myFirst Circle has rapidly connected nearly 30,000 users across 100 countries.

G-Jay Yong, Founder and CEO of myFirst, explained the motivation behind myFirst Circle: “In January this year, we created myFirst Circle because there is no platform that allows children to have authentic social engagements in a safe and controlled environment. We wanted to let children explore the world of social media, while ensuring we are there to guide them along the way. Today, we are proud to introduce myFirst 2.0, along with two new devices – a new smartphone myFirst Fone R2 and a new myFirst Frame.”

Momojis for Expressive Communication

Central to myFirst Circle 2.0 is the introduction of Momojis—dynamic motion emojis that add a layer of expressiveness to children’s communication. These vibrant Momojis pop up on the screen with accompanying sounds, providing a lively and interactive way for kids to share their emotions with friends and family. As children connect with more friends, they unlock a greater variety of Momojis, creating a delightful incentive for social interaction.

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Knock-Knock Feature for Real-Time Moments

Adding a playful touch to communication, myFirst Circle 2.0 introduces the Knock-Knock feature. This feature allows users to share real-time moments through 60-second videos or photos, creating a captivating and interactive exchange within myFirst Circle. The sender initiates the interaction, prompting the recipient to respond with their own video or photo to update on what they’re doing. It’s a unique way to connect and share moments, inspired by the founder’s desire to stay connected with his daughter’s daily activities when he is busy at work.

Improved Location Scanning with Smart Classification

Safety and peace of mind are paramount for parents, and myFirst Circle 2.0 addresses these concerns with enhanced location tracking. The update introduces improved location scanning with smart classification. Unlike traditional methods, myFirst Circle 2.0 intelligently suggests and classifies frequent locations, providing parents with more context about their child’s whereabouts. By detecting motion and checking Wi-Fi SSIDs, the system ensures accurate tracking without the need for GPS data, offering parents real-time insights into their children’s activities, be it their best friend’s house, their school, or other places. This enhancement will provide parents with even greater peace of mind.

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Unveiling myFirst Fone R2

Together with myFirst Circle 2.0, myFirst introduces its latest smartphone for kids – myFirst Fone R2, which comes with a slimmer and lighter outlook. It boasts a super-bright AMOLED screen, powered by a new processor for faster performance and reduced power consumption. The auto ambience light sensor and low-powered AMOLED display work together to reduce power consumption by 20% by automatically adjusting the screen brightness based on the surrounding light and only consuming power when pixels are lit.

The newly introduced Magic Button on top of the watch lets you access custom functions with single, double, or long presses. For instance, a prolonged press enables the sending of a voice message to your mom, a double click opens the camera, and a triple click initiates music playback—tailored to your individual preferences.

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With a 16% reduction in thickness and 7g lighter than its predecessor, myFirst Fone R2 sets a new standard for sleekness and portability. The design team achieved a significant reduction in thickness, slimming down the device from its previous 16.5mm to an impressive 13.6mm, resulting in a sleek profile. The R2 is also 7 grams lighter than the R1s, and also adjusted to account for a more snug, comfortable fit around the wrist.

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