Dungeons & Dragons Activities In Conjunction Of New Movie

Wizards SEA invites all aspiring clerics, fighters, magic users, and thieves to gather a party, or join a new one, of adventurers for some fantasy fun in the world’s first role-playing game (RPG), Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). In conjunction with the release of the upcoming movie, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, which opens in theatres on 31 March 2023, a series of fringe activities will be available for audiences of all ages to join the table and celebrate the game in March and April. 

Learn the basics of the D&D game, paint your own D&D miniature character, or hang out as you prepare for new quests at a magical tavern – there’s something for every adventurer. For more details of D&D activities available, check out the latest updates at .

When/WhereIf you are a…Activity details
18 March , 
11am to 
Village Bugis+ 
Lounge (Level 7)
Budding magic user 
Adventurer with a creative flair
For more details: 0876#/movie/0876 

Fees: $34 (GV Members) / $36 (Public) 

Activities include: 

Learn to Play D&D sessions 
Embark on your journey to become a D&D player. Come with your family and friends, or make new friends at the table over a D&D campaign, hosted by Gamersaurus Rex. Experienced Dungeon Masters will be on hand to take you through an introductory game as you step into the world of fantasy role-play and shape an exciting adventure, your way. 

Miniature Painting 
Bring your characters to (real) life and discover your artistic powers! Experts will teach you how to paint your own D&D miniature character. 

Portraiture Drawing by Rachta Lin 
Ever wondered what you will look like as a D&D character? Multi-disciplinary artist Rachta Lin will make a guest appearance to bring your imaginary character to life on paper. Create your Dungeons & Dragons character to adventure in the Forgotten Realms! And bring home your unique character portrait drawn by guest artist Rachta Lin.
31 March to 1 April 
Shaw Theatres Lido
Budding AdventurersD&D Pop-up Tavern 
Hop into the D&D Pop-up Tavern at Shaw Theatres to rest and recharge, as you get ready for your next quest! Fill your thirst for adventure with a customised D&D Brew drink, learn to play the game, or check out fun activities including painting sessions.
16 March to 16 April 
Lounge (WLL)

Bugis Plus 
201 Victoria 
Street, #07-04 Singapore 
Budding Adventurers 
Adventurers of all professions and skill levels
The Wanderlost Lounge transforms into a tavern of magical quests and surprises in the month of April. Bond with fellow adventurers over specially- concocted D&D drinks, capture great memories of your guests at the photo booths, play a D&D campaign on-the-spot, hosted by Tableminis. 

Programme schedule and bookings available at: 

Mondays – Thursdays: 
D&D Introductory Adventures / Miniature Painting (1hr pre-booked session) 

Fee: (2 options) 
Option 1: $15 per pax (book online and fully redeemable against total bill) 
Option 2: $45 per pax (book online, price includes a D&D set menu, a complimentary D&D Learn To Play session and 1 complimentary movie voucher) 
*Walk-ins who are dining at WLL have the option of signing up to play FOC if they are already having their full dinner at WLL.
8pm – 10pm 
Fridays – Saturdays: 
D&D Learn-to-Play Sessions (15 mins max per session) 

Fee: $8 (book online and fully redeemable against total bill) 

3pm – 5pm 
5.30pm – 7pm 
8pm – 9.30pm 
*Walk-ins who are dining at WLL have the option of signing up to play D&D FOC if they are already dining at WLL.

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