Do You Really Need an Apple Watch Series 8? Yes.

I’ve been using the Apple Watch 3 for the longest time – and the upgrade to Apple Watch Series 8 was again, a breath of fresh air for me. Why, you may ask, when Apple Watches are generally not too much different from each new series – but trust me, it really is worth the upgrade.

The Always-On Display allows me to conveniently tell the time, even when it’s not upright facing. I can glance at my Watch while working without even turning my wrist. Genius, Apple, genius.

The fast charging allows me to not have to worry about having to charge my Watch all night before using it the next day. I can conveniently charge it while showering and it would have sufficient battery life for me to use the Watch to track my Sleep – and when I wake up, I can pop it on the charger quickly before strapping it on to head to the office.

The Sleep tracking function allows me to conveniently set my sleep schedules and monitor the quality of sleep I get each night.

You might worry if the Sleep tracking app is accurate – and I can safely tell you that it is. I mean, I sleep with another human being and 2 dogs on the same bed, and because the Watch only picks up data based on who the Watch is strapped to – that’s a huge plus for me.

The new dual temperature sensor is also great to have, especially for ladies like me who can’t live without monitoring our cycle on the Watch.

The Fitness app allows me to monitor my heart rate and now comes with an Intensity Level on the Watch itself – and I’ve since moved away from the third party app I used previously to keep track of my workouts to the Fitness app itself – which of course, is a no brainer for me.

I was initially a bit wary as I didn’t want to change out of the strap that I was so comfortable with with my Apple Watch 3, but I was comforted by the fact that all of my older straps were compatible for the Watch Series 8. Yay!

Most of my favourite features of the Watch are actually additions in WatchOS9, but coming from an Apple Watch 3, the interface and everything else feels so much more superior on the new Watch Series 8.

Trust me – you’d definitely want to get Watch Series 8 especially if it’s been a while since you last purchased the latest Watch. If you’re currently holding on to a more recent version of the Watch however, you’d be able to access all the cool new functions with WatchOS9.


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