Developer Tools for Apple Vision Pro Now Available

Step into a world of limitless possibilities with the groundbreaking visionOS software development kit (SDK).

Source: Apple

Apple has found a way to seamlessly blend both digital and physical realms, where the apps you love and use become an integral part of everyday life. Perfectly complementing Apple Vision Pro, Apple’s first spatial computer, visionOS – the world’s first spatial operating system is really something else. Vision Pro allows users to interact with digital content in their comfortable physical space, leveraging the most basic and natural inputs.

Imagine effortlessly navigating through a digital landscape with just a gaze, and a pinching or swiping motion with your hand – making your most intuitive gestures and eyes a conduit between you and the virtual world.

Apple’s global community of brilliant developers are now able to create a new class of spatial computing apps leveraging the infinite canvas in Vision Pro to enable extraordinary all-new experiences.

Developer Labs Launching in July 2023

Developers, mark your calendars. Apple will be launching developer labs in multiple cities including Cupertino, London, Munich, Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo in July 2023. The developer labs aim to provide developers with hands-on experience to test out their apps on Apple Vision Pro hardware and get real-time support from Apple engineers. Development teams can catapult their app development process to new heights when they apply for developer kits to help them quickly build and test on Apple Vision Pro.

Source: Apple

Tools to Synergise with visionOS

Developers have the opportunity to create groundbreaking experiences using familiar tools and frameworks such as Xcode, SwiftUI, RealityKit, ARKit, and TestFlight – the same software one would know from other Apple platforms.

These powerful tools empower developers to create immersive apps across a wide spectrum of experiences, including windows, which have depth and can showcase 3D content; volumes, which create experiences that are viewable from any angle; and spaces, which can fully immerse the user in an environment with unlimited 3D content.

Reality Composer Pro, an all-new tool compatible with Xcode allows developers to optimise 3D content and push the boundaries of visual storytelling for their visionOS apps and games by previewing and preparing 3D models, animations, images, and sounds.

Developers can now interact with their apps, immersing themselves in a multitude of room layouts and lighting conditions. To ensure spatial computing and visionOS apps, each developer framework comes with built-in support for Apple’s innovative accessibility features.

Imagine the fusion of Unity’s robust authoring tools with the awe-inspiring features of Apple Vision Pro. The result? A potent combination that allows you to create immersive experiences like never before. Take full advantage of Vision Pro’s capabilities, including its advanced spatial computing, natural inputs, and captivating visuals, to transport your users into a world beyond imagination.

Complete HeartX by Elsevier Health | Source: Apple

Complete HeartX

According to Jan Herzhoff, Elsevier Health’s president, this is something that will truly transform the healthcare and medical education landscape. In sync with Apple Vision Pro, Complete HeartX will help prepare medical students for clinical practice by leveraging on hyper-realistic 3D models and animations that can help them grasp and comprehend medical issues, such as ventricular fibrillation, and apply the necessary knowledge with patients.

djay by Algoriddim | Source: Apple

djay App

With a fully featured DJ system right at your fingertips, the djay app on Apple Vision Pro reimagines spatial interface, allowing just about anyone to mix their favourite music and apply real-time effects using just their eyes and hands. Algoriddim’s CEO, Karim Morsy shared that djay on Vision Pro can transform a user’s surroundings with stunning environments that automatically react to their mix, allowing them to have an immersive experience with music.

JigSpace by JigSpace | Source: Apple


Tapping on high-resolution CAD files that companies already have, JigSpace and Apple Vision Pro enables people and businesses to easily communicate their ideas and products in all-new methods. Zac Duff, JigSpace’s cofounder and CEO shared that marketing, sales, product, or support teams can use JigSpace on Apple Vision Pro to securely collaborate and communicate quickly and effectively with teammates or customers from anywhere in the world.

Stages by PTC | Source: Apple


Manufacturers can leverage on AR solutions from PTC and pair them with Apple Vision Pro to bring interactive 3D content into the real world – from a product to an entire production line. According to Stephen Prideaux-Ghee, PTC’s chief technology officer of VR/AR, Apple Vision Pro and PTC allows stakeholders across departments and different locations to review content at the same time to enact design and operation decisions, bringing collaboration to a whole new level.

The visionOS SDK, updated Xcode, Simulator, and Reality Composer Pro are available for Apple Developer Program members here.

Registered Apple developers can now unlock a treasure trove of resources designed to support your journey in designing, developing, and testing apps for Apple Vision Pro.


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