Creative HS-720 V2 Review: Affordable wired USB headset

Despite the easing of Covid-19 restrictions and more people allowed to go back to office, having multiple video conference calls in a day is still a norm. And it probably continue to be so with limited travelling. This is where the Creative HS-720 V2 wired USB headset might come in handy.

Creative HS-720 V2 wired USB headset. (Photo: Creative)

In terms of design, the HS-720 V2 is not going to win any beauty contest. It looks like any other headset with two small padded ear cups and a cushioned headband.

PRICE: $49 (available in Creative Online Store)
DRIVERS: 30mm neodymium
WEIGHT: 133g

And it has an all-black design including the Creative logo on the exterior of each ear cup. On the left ear cup, there is an adjustable boom microphone. The USB-A cord runs from the left ear cup too.

The headset is all black including the Creative logo. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

The USB-A cord has an inline remote with volume buttons, microphone mute/unmute button and play/pause button for you to easily adjust controls.

The inline remote of HS-720 V2. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

As the ear cups of the HS-720 V2 are quite small, they are most likely to press on your ears than over them. But there is almost no pressing force on the ears.

As long as you adjust the headband to fit your head, it should be comfortable for long periods. I could wear the headset for an entire day working without any discomfort.

The HS-720 V2 is very comfortable to wear, even for long periods.(Photo: Trevor)

This headset is designed primarily to work with laptops and desktops. It is plug and play with no installation of drivers needed, as long as you connect it to a Windows or macOS machine.

+ Very affordable
+ Easy plug and play
+ Great microphone
+ Good sound quality

– USB-A connection
– Not for mobile devices like smartphones

When I connect it to my iMac, it automatically pops up as an option in the Sound preference. Select it and you are good to go. Same thing when I connect it to a Windows laptop. While it might not be supported, I plugged the headset to my PlayStation 5 gaming console and it works as well. But it did not work when I plugged it into my Xbox Series X.

During video conference calls, you will be able to hear your co-workers and work counterparts loud and clear when using this headset. In terms of sound quality, it is definitely not as stellar as those premium over-ear headphones.

While it should still serve you well when you end your working day to watch a Blackpink or BTS music videos, do not expect overwhelming bass or super detailed mids.

It is plug and play for HS-720 V2. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

The HS-720 V2’s microphone is able to pick up my voice clearly with minimal ambient noise. Nobody complained about not able to hear my voice during video conference calls when I was using the headset. I also did some voice recording with the headset and found the recordings to be really clear.

On the downside, the wired USB-A connection might be a bane for some who use laptops that only have USB-C ports. In addition, it does not really support mobile devices like your smartphones or tablets, unless they come with a USB-A port. Not to mention, some people might prefer a wireless headset.

With a very affordable price tag of $49, the Creative HS-720 V2 is the ideal USB headset to get if you are participating in many video conferences daily with your computers.

DESIGN: 7/10

Trevor Tan

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