Apple’s Swift Student Challenge Set to Launch Featuring New Category

The Swift Student Challenge by Apple has provided countless students worldwide with a platform to demonstrate their ingenuity and cultivate practical skills essential for their future careers and endeavors.

Since its inception in 2020, participants in the challenge have become part of a global network of developers leveraging Swift, the industry-standard programming language, to craft innovative applications shaping the future landscape.

The forthcoming challenge, set to commence in February 2024, will introduce an exciting addition: the recognition of 50 Distinguished Winners, honouring exceptional submissions that stand out from the rest.

Curiosity about coding and crafting apps is booming among students, who view these skills as valuable assets, whether or not they plan to dive into the tech industry. According to a recent survey by YPulse, which polled over 1,000 students in the US this September, a whopping 92 percent believe that learning to code is crucial, with 94 percent recognizing its significance in future job markets.

Moreover, students are quick to acknowledge the myriad perks that coding and app building bring, from igniting creativity to tackling local and global challenges, all in the pursuit of making the world a better place.

However, while interest is high, getting started can be a hurdle. The survey reveals that although 85 percent of students aspire to learn coding, nearly half of them—48 percent—feel lost on where to begin.

Enter Apple’s Swift Playgrounds app, a friendly companion designed to guide beginners from their very first code line to crafting their debut app in Swift. Accessible on iPad and Mac, it’s the perfect playground for eager learners to explore, experiment, and embark on their coding journey.

Aside from collaborating with educators across the globe, Apple extends its support to learners in 99 countries and regions through initiatives like the Community Education Initiative, which includes partnerships with organizations such as the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3). In the upcoming year, the organization is redoubling its efforts to assist a record number of students in submitting their app projects for the Swift Student Challenge in 2024. During a three-week period in February 2024, students will have the chance to submit their app playgrounds for the Swift Student Challenge. 

Out of the 350 total winners, 50 Distinguished Winners will earn an exclusive invitation to Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, next summer. There, they’ll have the unique opportunity to network with fellow winners and the Apple team. Additionally, all winners will be granted a one-year membership to the Apple Developer Program. This membership enables them to submit their apps to the App Store and receive ongoing support from Apple.

To stay updated on the challenge opening, visit and sign up for notifications.

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