Apple’s latest documentary is set in Singapore and entirely shot on iPhone 13 Pro

Apple’s latest Shot on iPhone documentary, ‘Poached’,  revolves around the humble Chicken Rice set in our very own Maxwell Food Centre and features familiar food experts, Bjorn Shen and Annette Tan. Directed by the world renowned David Gelb who created Chef’s Table and directed Jiro Dreams of Sushi, this documentary was shot entirely on iPhone 13 Pro.

‘Poached’ entirely shot on iPhone 13 Pro 

Similar to previous #ShotoniPhone campaigns by Apple for Chinese New Year, the short film highlights the iPhone 13 Pro’s camera features like Cinematic, Macro and Low light modes. Gelb raves about the different features of being able to rack focus in post with the Cinematic mode and the mobility of the iPhone 13 Pro to shoot in tight spaces like the hawker stall.

David Gelb shooting with the iPhone 13 Pro

Local food influencers and creators also went to their favourite hawker centres to capture their interpretation of Singapore’s beloved hawker culture with iPhone 13 Pro.

We were feeling a bit FOMO… so we went out to the nearest hawker centre to shoot our own iteration with the mighty iPhone 13 Pro! Check out our TikTok below encapsulating some tips and tricks highlighting our favourite iPhone 13 Pro features used in filming Poached too!

The documentary is currently streaming on YouTube, so be sure to check it out!

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