All You Need To Know About AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)

We’ve all waited almost 3 long years for this upgraded version of AirPods Pro – and it’s finally landed in our hands! *inserts crying emoji* I’ve been dying to experience all the cool new upgrades, so let me take you on a deep dive. The $359 price tag is definitely worth it.

Personalised Spatial Audio
With iOS 16 and the TrueDepth camera on iPhone, you can now unleash the full potential of your brand new AirPods Pro. The H2 chip essentially delivers breakthrough performance – with next-level Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), an all new low-distortion audio driver, amplifier, transducer, and Adaptive EQ – you can now listen to all kinds of music and watch all your favourite shows with the best audio experience. You can also quickly create a personalised listening experience that works across your Apple ecosystem when you use AirPods 3rd generation, AirPods Pro (1st and 2nd generation), and AirPods Max.

All you have to do is to go to your Settings, click on the AirPods destination which should show up on your Settings page once you’ve paired it successfully, and scroll down to set up Personalised Spatial Audio. You can also adjust all your device preferences directly on your phone – from Touch control actions, setting up Personalised Spatial Audio, to taking the Ear Tip test which checks the fit of your AirPods Pro ear tips to help determine the size that provides the best seal and acoustic performance – it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Hold your iPhone about 30cm directly in front of you (just like how you’d set up Face ID), and follow the instructions on the screen.

After finishing your front view, tap to continue and move your arm 45 degrees to the right. Slowly turn your head to the left to complete your right ear – repeat the same steps for your right ear in the opposite direction, and voila! Setting up your personalised profile should take less than a minute, and there’d also be audio cues to help guide you to completion.

New XS Ear Tip
You’d want to experience the pure high quality audio and passive noise reduction with your AirPods ProI mean, obviously, right? With four ear tip sizes from XS to L, you can now comfortably enjoy music and wear the AirPods Pro throughout the day.

Touch Control
With Touch Control, you can now press the stem of your beautiful new AirPods Pro to control media playback, press and hold to switch between ANC and Adaptive Transparency, or swipe up or down to accurately adjust your desired volume. Apple has also implemented a powerful sensor fusion and machine learning running on-device to determine between presses or swipes to minimise accidental activations.

Built-In Speaker
Your new AirPods Pro now comes with a built-in speaker for the utmost convenience to your daily life. The case’s built-in speaker would play sounds to help locate it when you’ve safely tucked it away in the deep recesses of your bag.. No more rummaging around your bag clumsily for an escape from the humdrum of daily commute. There are also all-new tones for when the battery is low, charging has started, or pairing is complete.

Lanyard Loop
The handy lanyard loop on the side of the case allows you to hook it securely to your bag, so immersive sound is always within reach.

Precision Finding
The all-new MagSafe Charging Case now also includes the U1 chip – so if you ever accidentally misplace your brand new AirPods Pro – you can use Precision finding in the Find My app to navigate to it with ease.

Digital Engraving
You can now add your pizazz to AirPods Pro with free digital engraving of emoji, text, numbers.. and your individual Memoji – including custom-posed Memoji Animoji, and a curated list of stickers. Fun.

Extended Battery Life
Okay this, this update is music to my ears. With AirPods Pro (2nd generation), you can now easily enjoy up to 6 hours of listening on a single charge with ANC on – that’s a whopping 33% increase in battery life compared to the OG AirPods Pro. You can also get up to 5.5 hours of listening with Personalised Spatial Audio or 4.5 hours of talk time for phone calls. A snappy 5-minute quick charge inside the case will now deliver around an extra hour of battery life. You can also use your Apple Watch charger in addition to a MagSafe, Qi-certified charger, or Lightning connector to charge your AirPods Pro.

Okay – that’s all from me. I’m off to listen to my favourite Taylor Swift albums on repeat with the comfortable AirPods Pro.


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