A Case “Four” iPhone 13 Pro Max from Apple, LifeProof, Otterbox and Uniq

If you managed to get the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, it might be a good idea to get some protection for it. Its large size is not exactly ideal for one hand use, and chances are you might probably drop it one day.

To protect its screen, the Belkin ScreenForce TemperedGlass Screen Protector we reviewed earlier this month is highly recommended. For the smartphone itself, we have rounded up these four cases for you to consider. These cases are also available for other iPhone 13 models.

(L-R): Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max Leather Case with MagSafe, LifeProof See with MagSafe, Otterbox Symmetry Series Clear and Uniq Transforma Hybrid. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max Leather Case with MagSafe
S$89, available on Apple Online Store

+ Easy to install and remove
+ Great to hold due to soft leather
+ Lightweight and thin
+ Supports MagSafe and Qi wireless charging

– Not cheap
– Might show creases and marks over time

Apple’s Leather Case is still the best leather case there is. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

Available in five colours of purple, green, blue (version reviewed), brown and dark pink, this case is for those who love leather cases. As someone who used to have 20 cases for each iPhone I own, I found that the best leather case still belongs to the one made by Apple.

Made of specially tanned and finished leather according to Apple, it feels really smooth and soft to the touch. In addition, it will develop a natural patina over time. I can vouch for it based on my previous experience.

Its leather exterior is soft to touch. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

Not to mention, its built-in magnets offer a seamless attach and detach experience. So, you will have no trouble switching cases with this one.

In addition, its built-in buttons all feel intuitive and respond just like the buttons on the iPhone itself. Plus, the case does not add any much thickness and weight to the iPhone. Furthermore, being an original Apple case, this leather case supports MagSafe charging as well as Qi-certified charging.

On the downside, the leather might show creases and marks when used for long periods. Not to mention, it is not cheap at nearly S$90.

LifeProof See with MagSafe
S$119, available in Lazada and Shopee

+ Easy to install and remove
+ Thin for such a protective case
+ Protect the iPhone from drops up to two metres
+ MagSafe charger cling on to the case tightly

– Expensive

The black LifeProof See. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

LifeProof makes its name for producing all-covering cases that protect smartphones from water, dust, mud and all the elements.

But this LifeProof See case has a much thinner design compared to its Fre cousin. It features two-prong design with its polycarbonate rear and rubberised sides. In fact, the See’s sides are surprisingly a wee bit thinner than that of Otterbox Symmetry series.

Yet, the sides are slightly elevated from the display to prevent damage to the iPhone’s screen when dropped. LifeProof says the it can protect the iPhone from drops up to two metres.

As you can see from its interior, it fully supports MagSafe and Qi Wireless charging. Furthermore, I find it easy to install and remove the iPhone from the case.

The MagSafe magnet can be seen from the interior of the See. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

Perhaps, its only downer is its price. At S$119, it is quite expensive. That said, if it protects the Uber-expensive iPhone 13 Pro Max well, it is money well spent.

Otterbox Symmetry Series Clear
US$39.95, available on Otterbox Asia Store

+ Clear case lets you enjoy the iPhone’s beauty
+ Offers plenty of protection
+ Supports MagSafe and Qi wireless charging
+ Anti-microbial properties

– Difficult to install and remove
– Adds thickness to the sides of the iPhone
– Easily dislodged from MagSafe Charger

The Symmetry Series Clear protects the phone and lets you see its beauty clearly. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

Otterbox is known for its ultra-protective but bulky cases. However, its Symmetry Series has been quite thin for years. Of course, its thickness is probably no where near the thinness found in Apple cases or even some no-brand cases. And this case will definitely add a wee bit more heft on the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s sides.

Still, having gone through Otterbox’s tough drop-testing that is said to be three times more than US military standard, you can be confident your iPhone will not be damaged when dropped with this case on. In fact, my butter-fingered wife will use her iPhone only when it is installed with an Otterbox case.

The case adds some thickness to the iPhone’s sides. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

Not to mention, Otterbox claims that a silver-based antimicrobial additive is integrated into the case. This helps inhibit microbial growth and defends the case exterior against many common bacteria.

Furthermore, this Symmetry Series Clear model lets you see your iPhone’s beauty in its full glory. Only the iPhone’s sides are partially obscured by the thick translucent silicone bumpers on the case’s sides.

However, due to these thick protective sides, it is a tad difficult to install and remove the case from the iPhone. While it supports MagSafe and Qi wireless charging, I found it can be easily dislodged from the MagSafe charger.

Uniq Transforma Hybrid
S$34.90, available in Lazada and Shopee

+ Very affordable
+ Comes with its own origami stand
+ Supports MagSafe and Qi wirelessly
+ Said to protect the iPhone from drops of up to two metres

– Slightly difficult to pull iPhone out of the case

You can see the origami flap on the rear of the Uniq Transforma Hybrid. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

If you always need to watch TikTok videos on your iPhone while having your hands full eating your lunch, the Uniq Transforma Hybrid case is the one to get.

It comes with an origami-like flap at its rear. You can transform this flap into a stand with a single simple flip. This origami stand lets you prop the iPhone in either landscape or portrait orientation with ease.

This stand lets you prop the iPhone in either landscape or portrait orientation. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

Due to this rear magnetic flap, I thought it might not be able to support any wireless charging. To my surprise, the Transforma is able to support both MagSafe and Qi wireless charging. The MagSafe charger is able to attach to the rear of the case securely.

Furthermore, Uniq claims that the case is able to protect the iPhone from drops of up to two metres. And I found the buttons of the case are responsive to the touch.

However, I think the best part about this case is its affordable price tag. At S$34.90, it is the cheapest in this roundup but yet offers the most features.

Perhaps, the only nitpick is the slight difficulty in pulling the iPhone out of the case due to its thick flap.

Trevor Tan

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