Mashing up your very own custom mechanical keyboard with Mash

As more people work from home and spend more time typing (or smashing) on their keyboards, having your own custom keyboard is becoming more important. It is no surprise there are more and more keyboard hobbyists in Singapore.

In order to cater to this rising interest and demand for custom mechanical keyboards, Mash is created from a partnership between local keyboard company Tempest and local custom PC brand Aftershock.

The media having a hands-on at the Mash Experience Centre. (Photo: Mash)

Co-founded by veteran keyboard enthusiasts Issac Yuen and Ben Hui from Tempest, Mash’s mission is “to deliver a one stop custom keyboard experience in Singapore for users of all skill and interest levels”.

Mr Yuen said that they have taken a close look at the ways in which users get introduced to the world of custom keyboards locally. And they believe there is huge room to make the process far more intuitive, interactive, convenient and accessible to all.

One of the major pain points that Mash wants to address is the long wait for certain keyboard components, such as mechanical switches and keycaps.

You can experience different mechanical switches and other keyboard components at Mash Experience Centre. (Photo: Mash)

Mr Hui said: ““Hobbyists, and particularly beginners, should never need to wait weeks to months for components to come back into stock.”

As such, Mash has managed to stock over 3,000 components, from the extremely popular Glorious barebone keyboards to limited-edition keycaps and stabilisers. And they are looking to expand on this amount when the company grows further.


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“Mash is founded on the idea that custom keyboards should be accessible, and a huge part of that is keeping the parts we stock constantly available,” said Mr Hui.

You can access Mash online store to browse and create your own custom keyboards. Or you can head down to Mash Experience Centre, which is found within Aftershock Endgame experiential store when it opens this Saturday (Feb 19) at 10am.

You can assemble your own customised keyboard under the guidance of Tempest expert. (Photo: Mash)

The Mash Experience is designed to allow customers to get their hands on hundreds of combinations of mechanical switches, keycaps, keyboard frames, and other components at one single location. As such, customers do not have to guess what kind of tactile feedback certain switches offer or which keycaps are more suitable on which keyboard frames. They can test it right here at this centre.

Furthermore, customers can put together their own keyboard with the help of experts from Tempest. This is the first in Singapore, according to Mash.

Happy customers after assembling their own keyboards at Mash. (Photo: Mash)

Located at B Central (994 Bendemeer Road, unit 05-07, Singapore 339943), the Mash Experience Centre will open this Saturday. Thereafter, it opens daily from 1130am to 8pm on weekdays and 12pm to 6pm on Saturdays. It is closed on Sundays and public holidays.

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