Under Armour Sportsmask Featherweight Review: The face mask to wear during your workouts

Last year, Under Armour launched its Sportsmask – a reusable, water-resistant performance face mask designed for workouts and maximum breathability.

Despite not having exhalation valves or a motorised fan, I love its great breathability even when I was jogging. On the downside, the Sportsmask can be quite heavy. Plus, it can get quite warm inside the mask on sunny days of Singapore. Now, its successor is here in the form of the Sportsmask Featherweight.

As its name implies, this 2nd-generation re-designed Sportsmask is 40 per cent lighter than the original. It also has built-in UPF 50+ sun protection. And at S$29, the Sportsmask Featherweight is S$6 cheaper too.

The Under Armour Sportsmask Featherweight. (Photo: Under Armour)

PRICE: $29, available in Under Armour Online Store
MATERIALS:100% Nylon (Outer layer); 100% Polyurethane (Insert); 77% Nylon/23% Spandex (Interior/ear loops)

The Sportsmask Featherweight comes in three colours of black (version reviewed), navy and purple. It is also available in five sizes. To know your sizing, you can visit here for more information.

It is important to ensure you get the right sizing, as the face mask might not cover your nose and mouth properly if you get the wrong size.

The Sportsmask Featherweight is quite light compared to its predecessor. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

Based on looks alone, the Sportsmask Featherweight already seems less bulky and much sleeker compared to the original.

The Featherweight is made of three layers – a water-resistant outer layer using lightweight breathable knit fabric; a polyurethane open-cell foam middle layer that lets air through but stops moisture and sweat; and an inner layer with Under Armour’s proprietary ISO-Chill fabric lining, which is supposed to feel cool against your skin.

The three layers of Sportsmask Featherweight. (Photo: Under Armour)

While the original has a big and thick outer layer, the Featherweight’s outer layer is significant thinner. In fact, it looks only slightly thicker than those reusable cloth face mask given out free by Temasek Holdings.

The original Sportsmask (top) and the new Sportsmask Featherweight. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

The face mask has a soft and adjustable nose bridge with suede-like anti-slip material. This allows to secure it across your face. The ear loops are made of soft fabric that feels cool to the touch. A small Under Armour logo on the left ear loop disrupts an otherwise all-black looks.

The soft and adjustable nose bridge helps to

When I first wore the Featherweight, the first thing that came to mind is how lightweight it feels. It seems like Under Armour really made it went through a massive weight loss program. Something I need to do as well.

+ Great breathability
+ Sleeker design
+ Very comfortable to wear
+ Much lighter than its predecessor

– Does not come with storage bag
– Only last 30 washes

The ear loops cling to my ears snugly but comfortably. I can really wear this face mask the whole day without feeling any irritations.

Wearing it to eat at neighbourhood coffee shops (those without air-conditioning), it does not feel as hot as the original.

However, the air flow is not as cool and smooth as that of those disposable face masks. But it is really close. Probably the closest of any reusable face mask I tried.

Being a kiasi (Hokkien for afraid to die) Singaporean, I have been wearing either the Under Armour Sportsmask or Asics Runners Face Cover during my jogs ever since the pandemic started.

Wearing the Sportsmask Featherweight to jog on a rainy night. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

When wearing the Featherweight during my jogs, I found that it did not bobble or fog up my glasses much. It also has amazing breathability even when I was panting and puffing. The airflow feels smoother than the original. There are also no chaffing to report, even on my long jogs (ok, 5km is long for me).

Again, it almost felt like I was wearing a disposable face mask when jogging. And while disposable face masks might “dissolve” with sweat, the Featherweight actually clings to my sweat-laden face to create a nice breathable chamber within the nose and mouth.

Perhaps, the only issue is the longevity of the Featherweight. Under Armour does not specify how many washes it can take. But if it is the same as the original, then it is only supposed to last 30 washes. So, you are pretty much spending S$1 per use for this face mask.

The comfort level of Sportsmask Featherweight never drops during jogs. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

Another downer is that the Featherweight does not feature the cloth storage bag that came with the original Sportsmask. This storage bag comes in handy to keep the face mask hygienically when you are eating in restaurants and such.

The Under Armour Sportsmask Featherweight is an excellent reusable and breathable face mask for those who wants or needs one for their workouts. But you will have to literally pay for it.

DESIGN: 9/10
OVERALL: 8.5/10

Trevor Tan

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