Sonos Move 2 Review – Powerful Inside and Out

Sonos has just announced the update for its Move line, introducing several feature upgrades like stereo sound and a capacitive touch controls on top, aside from an all-new colourway, Olive. Perfect for both indoor and outdoors situations.


Inside the box is the Sonos Move and also the dock that’s colour matched to whatever colour your speaker is. A USB-C wall socket is also included in the same colourway, giving it a cohesive colour scheme for the Sonos Move 2. Aside being able to charge via USB-C, the Sonos Move 2 can also provide juice to other devices via its USB- C port. With 7.5W of charging power, it’s not the most impressive but it’s definitely better than nothing when your other devices needs a quick top up.

Additionally, the USB-C port also works as a line-in port, but with an adaptor that’s not included in the box. It’s a great feature to have and I’m not complaining. if I had to choose between the dock or the line-in cable, I’d rather have the dock.

Battery Life

It boasts a 24 hour battery life which is great for people who listen to the speaker outdoors for an extended period of time or just away from its dock. I generally leave it docked when at home, and when I bring it out, it’s able to last the whole day outdoors with no problems.

Stereo Sound

Featuring a fully redesigned dual-tweeter acoustic structure, the Move 2 introduces an expansive stereo sound experience that is unprecedented in the realm of Sonos’ portable speakers. Additionally, its woofer generates deep and distortion-free bass, ensuring exceptional audio quality regardless of your location. During our tests, the Sonos Move 2 easily fills up the a 5-room HDB’s living room with zero distortion, clean bass and clear details.

After turning on the microphone, the Move 2’s automatic Trueplay tuning is able to enhance its audio output to match its environment. This ensures that no matter your location or musical selection, you consistently enjoy the finest listening experience possible. Since the speaker allows for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, there is a dedicated Bluetooth button aside below the Power button, making it super convenient to connect when you’re out and about, away from your home Wi-Fi network. I generally use AirPlay 2 and it works great for my use case.

Capacitive Touch Control

The updated capacitive touch control on top of the Sonos Move 2 is a welcome change. It feels very consistent across the other Sonos products like the Beam and the Era line, that also uses the same capacitive touch bar to pause and change music and volume. You can either tap the side to change the volume or slide across to fine tune the audio levels according to your desire.


Yes, the Sonos Move 2 is 3 kilograms and it might not be the most portable, but the sound quality and great battery life makes it OK to be that hefty. The handle at the back also makes it easy for one-handed carry. The Sonos Move 2 definitely also comes at a pretty penny but all nice things has it’s price tag. I definitely enjoyed listening to music both indoors and outdoors with the Sonos Move 2.

Sonos Move 2 is available in three colours, Black, White and Olive for S$799 from TC Acoustic and Shopee.


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