5 new features of the newly-released macOS Monterey that might interest you

Apple just released its next desktop operating system, macOS 12 Monterey. As usual, it is packed with plenty of new features. But the question is if these features are enough for you to make the upgrade. Here are five features of Monterey that might just prompt you to go for this free upgrade.

Universal Control (coming later this year)
As its name implies, Universal Control lets you work with a single mouse and keyboard to move between a Mac and an iPad for a seamless experience. You can drag and drop content back and forth devices without any prior setup required, according to Apple.

You can drag and drop content from your iPad to your iMac with Universal Control. (Photo: Apple)

For instance, you can drag a sketch you made on your iPad and drop it into a Keynote slide on your Mac. Unfortunately, this feature will only come later this year and not at launch.

AirPlay to Mac
Unlike Universal Control, the AirPlay to Mac feature is available at launch. With this feature, you can share or play content from your iPhone to your iMac thereby fully utilising its large gorgeous display. I have tried playing a video from an iOS 15.1 iPhone to an iMac running macOS Monterey and it works like a cinch.

You can stream your movies to your iMac’s huge display instead of watching them on your iPhone. (Photo: Apple)

In addition, you can also use your Mac as an AirPlay speaker, so you can have a secondary speaker. Also, I think this will be ideal the next time you can travel. Imagine you can stream your iPhone’s music to a MacBook Pro’s speaker in your hotel room after a long day of business meetings.

Notes & Quick Note
You might have seen this new feature in your Notes app on iOS 15 or iPadOS 15. It is Quick Note – a new system-wide way for you to jot down notes on any app or website. You can add links for an app or an Address in Maps to the Quick Note.

You can jot down your ideas quickly using Quick Note. (Photo: Apple)

Ever having to browse through your notes to find that idea spark you recorded down sometime ago? Now, the Notes app lets you hashtag your notes. So, it is easier for you to search for own notes based on the hashtag. That is, if you remember what hashtag you used.

SharePlay (available later this year)
With the pandemic still raging on, you probably cannot be going to your friends’ or relatives’ house for a “movie screening”. Thus, Apple has introduced SharePlay.

You can FaceTime your friends while watching a show together. (Photo: Apple)

It is a feature that lets you continue to have FaceTime conversations while watching TV programmes and movies or sharing your screen that is playing the content. Furthermore, the volume will automatically adjust itself, so you and your friends can always be heard. It is the virtual living room that you have been waiting for.

This is another feature shared with the mobile iOS 15. Focus lets you stay in the moment when you need to concentrate and not distracted in order to finish up your work.

You can select or create your own Focus options. (Photo: Apple)

You can pick from a list of Focus options or create your own, such as Sleep, Gaming and etc. Furthermore, once you enable a Focus option on one of your Apple devices, it will be automatically set across all of them. Thus, you can fully concentrate on the task at hand.

For more information about macOS Monterey and to check if your Mac is compatible with the new macOS, you can visit here.

Trevor Tan

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