Roborock S7 Review: Efficient automatic cleaning and mopping

Want to spend more time catching up on your favourite Netflix or Disney+ shows and less time on cleaning the house? You can now with the Roborock S7 robotic vacuum cleaner.

The main highlight of the S7 is its mopping function. In other words, it can vacuum and mop your house at the same time without any supervision. It also comes with VibraRise and Sonic Mopping features to go with the mop.

PRICE: S$799 (usual price S$1,299), available in Lazada and Shopee
WEIGHT: 4.7kg

VibraRise allows the S7 to lift up the mop off the ground when on carpeted areas. Thus, it still vacuums but does not get your carpet wet. And its Sonic Mopping feature means the mop scrubs up to 3,000 times per minute, to ensure a thorough clean of the floor.

This is what you get out of the box. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

You can pair the S7 to the Roborock app via Wi-Fi for firmware updates as well as monitoring the vacuum cleaner like where it is in your house.

Out of the box, you get the S7 robotic vacuum cleaner, a charging dock, a power cable and a mopping pad.

This is how the S7 looks at its bottom before install the mopping pad (left). (Photo: Trevor Tan)

Looks wise, the S7 looks pretty much like any other robotic vacuum cleaner with its round shape. It is not very heavy at 4.7kg and stands less than 10cm tall. But on its top, there is a small circular protrusion that is the LiDAR (light detection and ranging) scanner. This sensor helps to sense its surrounding and avoid knocking down

It is a pretty no brainer to set it up. Just insert the mopping pad to the base of the S7, top up the water tank with water (no detergent or cleaning solution), charge the S7 on the charging dock to full and you are ready to go.

Please only pour water (no cleaning solutions) into the water tank. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

My house is a 90 sq m 4-room HDB flat with plenty of furniture and review units lying around. After connecting the S7 to the Roborock app and updating its firmware, I set it to clean my house.

Upon finishing the first vacuum-and-mop, it maps out my house area nicely along with its cleaning path. From here, you can set certain areas as no-go zones such as areas with expensive furniture. You can also set it to clean a certain room.

+ Smart enough to lift itself up on ledges and carpets
+ Excellent navigation
+ App lets you clean a certain area and mark no-go zones

– Still cannot fully replace your vacuum cleaner or mop
– Need to clear your shoes and other artefacts for it to vacuum

And this is the first robotic vacuum cleaner that I find to be really smart. When the vacuum cleaner robot detects that there is a carpet or floor mat; not only does it lifts the mopping pad but there is an increased power in suction. I also did not find my floor mats getting wet after the vacuuming.

Not to mention, the S7 is also the first robotic vacuum cleaner that does not find itself stuck on the tiny ledge between my living room and kitchen. It is able to comfortably lift itself up and goes between the two areas.

Furthermore, the mopping performance is actually really pleasing. I find my house feeling much nicer to the feet after each of S7’s run.

On the downside, you have to clear your floor to be devoid with artefacts, such as shoes or boxes. If not, it will get stuck.

While it can lift itself up against ledges and carpets, it is no match against a tissue box or shoes. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

And in terms of vacuuming, its performance is still not comparable to a real vacuum cleaner. It is close but still not as good. I see it more as a mid-week complement to my weekend vacuuming schedule.

Unless you have a super big house, the S7 will have more than enough battery power to vacuum your house. In my tests, it still has 72 per cent battery juice left after vacuuming for 50 minutes to clean and mop my whole house.

The Roborock S7 is probably the best robotic vacuum-and-mop cleaner in the market right now. As long as you recognise that it is not going to fully replace your broom and mop, the S7 is an excellent robotic vacuum cleaner to have. And currently at a discounted price of S$799, it offers superb value for money.

DESIGN: 9/10
OVERALL: 9/10 [SGEEK Editor’s Choice]

Trevor Tan

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