Reddit Got Hacked – Claims User Data Still Safe

A phishing incident led to the theft of company data but Reddit claims user data is safe.

Reddit recently reported a security incident, in which some company data was compromised. However, the company has reassured users that their personal data was not affected by the breach, as far as they are aware. They have emphasized that they are continuing to investigate the situation to ensure the security of all user data.

According to a company representative, Reddit experienced a phishing attack on the evening of February 5th. The company conducted an investigation and found that Reddit user passwords and accounts were not impacted by the breach. However, the attackers were able to access some internal documents, code, and internal business systems during the attack.

The hacker, who remains unknown, successfully deceived a Reddit employee into clicking on a convincing prompt that redirected them to a fake website. The website was designed to steal the employee’s credentials and second-factor tokens.

The company is taking necessary measures to secure its systems and prevent similar incidents in the future.

And that’s why you should never use the same password and user ID login for different sites. (And I should also start taking my own advice.)


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