Disney’s New Retractable Lightsaber Resembles The Genuine Article

Disney’s Imagineers have been occupied since 2018 developing a retractable lightsaber that appears realistic. It appears that the lightsaber is finally ready, but it is frustrating to know that this impressive gadget will not be available for purchase.

After years of wishing and wondering, I have come to terms with the unfortunate reality that I will never be able to wield a genuine lightsaber resembling those featured in the Star Wars movies and TV series. The technology and power required far surpasses anything currently achievable in 2023.

Even if we ever manage to develop lightsabers capable of cutting through droids and deflecting energy blasts, it is likely to take an extended period. Nevertheless, Disney has introduced the next best alternative: a recently created handheld prop that closely resembles an actual lightsaber, complete with a retractable luminous blade.

During last week’s SXSW, Disney Parks and Experiences Chairman Josh D’Amaro delivered a presentation on the intricate technology and science behind creating the company’s iconic parks, such as Disney World.

Although he showcased several exciting features, the highlight for me was when he revealed a lightsaber hilt and activated it, causing a massive neon-blue blade to emerge from the silver hilt, accompanied by the familiar sound from the Star Wars films. The audience was clearly taken aback at that instant, much like how I was when I first witnessed it.

“I have the coolest job in the world,” said D’Amaro on stage. “I’m holding a real lightsaber.”

Let me clarify: Disney has already demonstrated the new retractable lightsaber before, which certain actors in its parks and attractions are already utilizing to some extent. However, this recent demonstration by Disney’s D’Amaro was distinct in that he seemed more at ease, skillfully swinging and activating it several times.

This indicates that the technology, which takes inspiration from tape measures, has advanced to a stage where all parties involved are confident that it will not malfunction at the slightest disturbance.

Regrettably, despite the technology appearing more durable than ever, Disney does not seem to have any intention of selling these sophisticated lightsabers to avid fans such as myself, who would be eager to pay a sum of money that I’m both too ashamed to reveal and undoubtedly insufficient.

Instead, I’ll find solace in the knowledge that the forthcoming Star Wars game, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, appears to feature outstanding lightsaber technology.


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