Pokémon Sleep App Is Finally Coming

At the Pokémon Presents event held today, we were given a sneak peek at the much-awaited Pokémon Sleep app. The presentation included a delightful live-action advertisement and some real in-game footage. The app is set to release in 2023, and it promises to showcase the charming ways in which the Pokémon characters nap and slumber.

Perhaps, it could even assist you in regulating your own sleep patterns. Dubbed as a “game that will make you excited about waking up in the morning” (although that may be a challenge), the game has an isometric viewpoint and showcases many of the well-known characters lounging and snoozing.

The title introduces Professor Neroli, who is conducting research on Pokémon sleep. While it may seem like a scholarly and significant undertaking, the process itself appears to be quite simple. Essentially, you only need to place your smartphone close to your sleeping area. The app will monitor your sleep patterns. The accompanying video briefly demonstrates how this works.

The app processes your sleep information and categorizes it into three types: “Dozing, Snoozing, or Slumbering.” The Pokémon characters whose sleep type corresponds to yours will appear in the game, which is a charming and effortless method to track your sleeping habits. Moreover, the sleep types are not merely dull clinical designations. In the video showcased today, one of the unlockable sleep types is “Goofy Sleep,” which showcases an endearing Slowpoke snoozing on its back.

I’m already excited to sleep in general. This app makes it that much more exciting to catch some z’s.


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