New Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer Just Dropped – We’re Hyped!

The upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie has generated a lot of interest, with many people curious about how the actors will portray their characters. The casting of Chris Pratt as Mario and Jack Black as Bowser has been well-received, as both actors have shown a talent for comedic roles in the past.

However, the voice of Seth Rogen’s Donkey Kong character has not yet been revealed, and it remains to be seen how he will bring the character to life. Overall, people are excited about the potential for the movie to bring a new perspective to the beloved video game franchise.

The new trailer for the Super Mario Bros. movie dropped during the Eagles v Niners game and it finally gave us a taste of Seth Rogen’s take on Donkey Kong. And let me tell you, he’s just being himself, which is totally cool. The trailer showed us some familiar scenes of Mario getting beaten up, but the new part is when Donkey Kong talks, and it’s hilarious. Also, the cat suit from “Super Mario 3D World” made an appearance, which cannot make it any better. The more the movie borrows from the games, the better it’ll be.

We’re just as excited for the movie as anyone else, and if you haven’t, check out The Super Mario Bros. trailer!


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