Xbox Unveils 12 Game Demos For GDC 2023 Online Event

As part of the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2023 Online Event, Microsoft has launched 12 new ID@Xbox demos. These demos are now accessible on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, and will remain available until March 27, 2023, giving gamers a week to test them out.

Although the GDC typically takes place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, players do not need to physically attend the event to access the demos. However, for those who will be attending the convention, there will be an opportunity to try out the demos in person at the ID@Xbox Sponsored Kiosk

Below is the full list of game demos available as part of the GDC Online Event:

  1. ArcRunner
  2. Backbeat
  3. BattleCakes
  4. Booom-Slang!
  5. Boxville
  6. Evil Wizard
  7. Fall of Porcupine
  8. Fractal Space
  9. Sker Ritual
  10. Soulvars
  11. The Isle Tide Hotel
  12. The Library of Babel

Some of the standout demos include BattleCakes, an adorable turn-based RPG featuring playable cupcakes; Boxville, a puzzle platformer taking place in a doodle-themed world; Sker Ritual, a co-op survival first-person shooter set in the same universe as Maid of Sker; and Soulvars, a turn-based deckbuilding RPG showcasing stunning pixel art graphics.

Microsoft cautions that since these games are still under development, the demos may not fully represent the final products upon release. Players are encouraged to provide feedback to the developers to ensure that each game attains a high level of quality.

A gamer like me, would likely feel excited to hear that Microsoft has launched 12 new ID@Xbox demos at the GDC 2023 Online Event. With a range of genres from cute turn-based RPGs to co-op survival first-person shooters, there’s a demo to suit every gaming preference. I’m keeping an eye on ArcRunner and the Fall of Porcupine.

However, remember that these games are still in the development phase. And the demos may not fully represent the final products upon release. Nevertheless, the opportunity to try out these demos is an excellent way to preview upcoming games and provide valuable feedback to developers.


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