Favourite iOS Features for Raya Season

The celebratory season of Eid is just around the corner, so here’s some super fun iOS features you can try out with your family and loved ones.

With Contact Posters, you can have seasonal Contact Poster, just in time for Eid. Have it match your Baju Kurung’s colour theme this year – the perfect way to represent your individuality this festive season.

Feeling too awkward to keep asking for your “meet-once-a-year” relatives contacts? Then you should use NameDrop – now you’ve got their contact and a cool party trick to share! Win-Win!

With Journal, you can easily get into the habit of journaling, making it really natural for you to remember and reflect on core memories like Raya gatherings and the first time you’re meeting the newest member of the extended family!

Capture and make the cutest Stickers from the most memorable moments in your Live Photos. Relive them as you forward it to your closest contacts on Messages.

Ramadan Favourite Apps:
We’re nearing the end of the blessed month of Ramadan, and here’s a curated list of apps to to help you organise your daily tasks, foster your creativity, discover meal ideas, and, above all, enjoy entertaining games with loved ones! 

Use apps like Canva to create your greetings with specially-curated templates and get up to 50% for the first 3 months of Canva Pro for new subscribers between 7 Mar to 11 Apr.

This Hari Raya, play all your favourite festive music all from the playlist ‘Riang Ria Hari Raya’. Featuring new and classic hits from artists like  Ernie ZakrAisha Retno & Aziz HarunSyamel and De Fam sharing their favourite tracks, and songs they enjoy listening this season.

Here’s wishing a Selamat Hari Raya, and to enjoying the joyous occasion with your loved ones and having the heartiest Eid dishes! 

Rasuna Azrayl

Ras enjoys collecting and building custom mechanical keyboards and sometimes dabbles in portable audiophile setups. He also indulges in casual gaming and prefers Command over Control.

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