HP Envy x360 – Ultimate Creative Swiss Army Knife

So you’re a creative professional who works on-the-go. You’re always on a lookout for a power plug because of the intensive work that you do. You also would prefer to work on a tablet but sometimes it’s just too bulky to lug around in your everyday carry. I feel you, fam.

HP’s latest offering, the HP Envy x360 might be everything you’re looking for and more. Packed with a 13.3″ OLED display that allows for touch screen and an included stylus, you can sketch and illustrate directly without an additional tablet.

HP Envy x360 - Open


Since it comes packed with a 16:10 aspect ratio screen, you get to fit a little more than the regular 16:9. That little sliver on the top and bottom of the screen makes all the difference especially when you’re working on multiple windows on several projects at once. Having sRGB 100% also means that all your colour sensitive work is being rendered accurately on the device.

HP Envy x360 - Flip Mode


The keyboard backlighting is a great feature to have especially when you’re working late at night. It doesn’t get too bright that it’s blinding or distracting. The trackpad is responsive and really spacious – a real joy to use.

HP Envy x360 - Keyboard


These speakers custom-tuned by Bang & Olufsen sound great, but they’re awkwardly at the bottom of the laptop. They’re great as it is, but I’d imagine they would sound a lot better if they’re positioned on the top of the machine.

HP Envy x360 - Speaker


Packed with two ThunderBolt 4 ports that doubles as a charging port. You can also hook up a dongle or direct USB-C (depending on your display) if you need to output to an external screen. Also, SuperSpeed USB-A on either side of the machine. The included SD Card slot makes it easy to offload media from your recording devices after a shoot. 3.5mm audio jack is essential especially if you’re doing video cuts or audio work when you’re out and about.

HP Envy x360 - Ports 1
HP Envy x360 - Ports 2


The Envy x360 folds down into a tablet-like mode where the keyboard folds back into itself. The keyboard automatically disables so you don’t accidentally type gibberish while having it rested on the back.

HP Envy x360 - Folded Tablet Mode

Creativity (Pen)

It comes packed with a pen that allows you to draw directly onto the screen. Aside from being perfect for illustrators to work right on the laptop, you can also choose to scribble quick notes whenever.

HP Envy x360 - Pen

When the pen runs out of juice you can charge the pen with the same charger that charges the laptop. The port stays hidden behind a clever door that seamlessly blends into the pen. Talk about convenience.

HP Envy x360 - Pen - Port


It’s a great machine to work on, especially for power-hungry creatives who demand power and productivity on-the-go. Sometimes you really take for granted what you have on a desktop situation versus while you’re working on location. The HP Envy x360 laptop allows you to feel productive in the tightest and stickiest of portable situations. Two thumbs way up.

HP Envy x360 - Flat


There are multiple variations of the Envy x360, with this one being the 13.3″ model ranging from S$1,918 to S$2,221 depending on the configuration you choose. They also come in different screen sizes and in two colours, and you can find them on the official HP store here or also on the official HP Shopee store here.

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