First look: Huawei P50 Pocket Premium Edition

First announced last month, Huawei’s latest foldable smartphone P50 Pocket will be available in Singapore this Valentine’s Day (Feb 14). Local pricing will be announced closer to launch date. In China, the P50 Pocket’s pricing starts from ¥8,988 or around S$1,900.

The Huawei P50 Pocket is a foldable smartphone with a clamshell design. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

However, only the gold Premium Edition will be available in Singapore, even though there are also two standard editions of black and white in China. So, I guess the Singapore pricing should be a tad higher.

I have a quick hands-on with the P50 Pocket Premium Edition during a local launch event yesterday. And these are my thoughts about the P50 Pocket.

The P50 Pocket’s exterior has embossed feather-like designs, a signature of Dutch designer Iris van Herpen. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

Created in collaboration with Dutch couture designer Iris van Herpen, the P50 Pocket Premium Edition features her signature feather-like patterns on its golden exterior. It looks really sleek and has the wow factor even when you see it across the room.

At only 190g, the P50 Pocket feels really lightweight. When folded, its clamshell design means it can easily fit into any pocket of your pants. There is a 1-inch circular cover screen on its exterior below the rear camera module, so that you can view notifications when the smartphone is folded.

The P50 Pocket feels lightweight and is compact when folded. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

While the exterior has a metallic feel, I am surprised to learn that it is actually made of glass. Only the sides and the frame of the P50 Pocket are made of metal.

The exterior has a smooth and premium feel even with the embossed patterns on it. But there are some fingerprints or smudges on the exterior after I handled the phone for a while.

Furthermore, there is no visible gap when the P50 Pocket is folded. This is unlike the Samsung Galaxy Flip3 (see review) where you can see some gap at the hinge.

As you can see, there is no visible gap when the P50 Pocket is folded. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

On the downside, there is still a visible crease where the P50 Pocket is being unfolded. But it is not as obvious as the crease on the Flip3.

Not to mention, the unfolded 6.9-inch display looks really sharp and vivid. And when you play content or browse through social media, you probably will not be able to notice the crease.

When the P50 Pocket is unfolded, you get a gorgeous 6.9-inch display. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

I also find that it is much easier to unfold the P50 Pocket with one hand, as compared to the Flip3. The flip side is the P50 Pocket’s hinge does feel a little loose and not as rigid as the Flip3. But I very prefer the convenience of one-hand unfolding without the fear of dropping the phone.

The P50 Pocket packs a triple-camera system of a 40-megapixel (MP) wide-angle main camera, a 13MP ultra-wide-angle camera and a 32MP ultra-spectrum camera. I hope to test the camera and other features of the smartphone more when I get the review unit. Stay tuned!

Trevor Tan

Started out with dreams to become a street photographer, Trevor Tan somehow became a tech journalist with over 16 years of consumer tech experience. Maybe he plays too much video games and buys too many new gadgets.
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