Dyson Zone: The Headphones That Purify The Air You Breathe

Starting from Monday 17 April, those in Singapore who booked a dedicated appointment slot will be among the first to be treated to an exclusive demo of the Dyson Zone™ headphones with air purification! During these exclusive demos, they will get hands on with the machine while a Dyson Expert takes them through the audio and purification technology.

These exclusive demo slots are now fully booked; however, pre-orders will be made available in Singapore soon. In the meantime, anyone can head over to to register their interests and find out more about the technology.

What are the Dyson Zone headphones?

Dyson, the company known for its innovative vacuum cleaners, fans and hair dryers, has recently launched its first wearable device: the Dyson Zone™ air-purifying headphones. These headphones combine advanced noise cancellation, high-fidelity audio and a two-stage filtration system that captures city pollution, allergens and particulate matter.

How do they work?

The headphones feature a contact-free visor that magnetically attaches to the ear cups and channels a stream of purified air to the nose and mouth, without touching the face. The headphones use eight active noise cancelling microphones that monitor surrounding noise 384,000 times a second and cancel it out. The custom-built 40mm speaker driver delivers a broad frequency range for realistic and detailed sound. The headphones also have intelligent signal processing that reduces distortion and ensures ultra-low distortion.

What are the benefits?

The headphones are designed to enhance the user’s experience and control with the MyDyson™ app, which allows users to visualise real-time air pollution and sound exposure, switch audio settings, know when to recharge or replace a filter, and get automatic updates. The headphones have a battery life of up to 50 hours for audio with noise cancellation, and up to four hours for purification and audio with noise cancellation. The headphones also have auto on-off sensors that save energy when not in use.

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