Customised CASETiFY Cases For Your Spanking New iPhone 15


There’s no other way to protect your brand new iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max than with the sturdy lineup from CASETiFY. There’s definitely a case for everyone at CASETiFY, so let’s dive right in!

For Maximum Protection – Ultra Bounce Case

The latest Ultra Bounce Case to join the CASETiFY family is made from RE/CASETiFY pellets and made with proprietary EcoShock™ material with 32.8ft protection to hug your brand new iPhone 15 snugly. With a lifted camera ring and camera lens cover to give your camera lens that added layer of protection free from scratches and scuffs, this DEFENSiFY antimicrobial coated case comes with MagSafe compatibility for any wireless charging method of your choice. Available from USD$114, check it out here!

For Agile Protection – Bounce Case

Made with EcoShock™ material from 40% plant-based material, the Bounce Case is 16% slimmer than the previous model, with up to 21.3ft drop protection. No more being paranoid that you’d smash your spanking new iPhone 15! Available in Clear (black), Triple Black, Cotton Candy, and Classic Blue, the Bounce case is coated with DEFENSiFY antimicrobial coating and is available from USD$94 here.

 For Daily Protection – Impact Case

The Impact Case comes with DEFENSiFY antimicrobial coating, and is made with EcoShock™ material with up to 8.2ft drop protection and the same lifted camera ring and raised bezel to protect your iPhone 15 screen and lens from scratches. Available in Clear (Black), Matte Black, Cotton Candy, and Classic Blue, the Impact Case will set you back from between USD$65 – USD$73. Check it out here!

For the Multitaskers – Impact Ring Stand Case

The Impact Ring Stand Case takes your multitasking to the next level while standing up for you – quite literally. Made from Re/CASETiFY pellets, the built-in camera ring kickstand allows for angle adjustments up to 150 degrees – allowing you to prop your iPhone 15 up with ease while you cook, eat, or do other tasks and still be able to watch your favourite shows on your iPhone! The Impact Ring Stand Case is fortified with EcoShock™ material with up to 6.6ft drop protection, and its lifted camera ring and raised bezel is designed to protect your precious iPhone’s screen and lens from scratches. Available in Clear Black, the Impact Ring Stand Case starts from USD$83. Check it out here

All Prints Available

With more than 800 designs available for you to customise to your heart’s content, choose from prints, customising your own initials / name in brand new block fonts, to popular designs such as retro vibes, mirror, pillow – there’s bound to be something for everyone!

Where to Purchase

Get your CASETiFY cases here and use our exclusive promo code ‘15GEEKBYTES’ for 15% OFF!


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