Asics Gel-Kinsei Blast Review: The everyday running shoes you have been looking for

The Asics Gel-Kinsei Blast is a pair of running shoes designed for everyday road running. It is also a revival of the Gel-Kinsei series that was discontinued in 2017.

The Asics Gel-Kinsei Blast. (Photo: Asics)

This new iteration is said to unite Japanese craftsmanship with a modern design and top-level running technology. With its high heel drop of 10mm, it is suitable for runners with neutral pronation.

PRICE: S$279, available in Asics Store
MATERIAL: Engineered knit upper, Flytefoam+ with Pebax propulsion plate mid-sole and rubberised outsole
WEIGHT: 310g (US 9, Men’s)

When I open the shoe box, I thought this is a pair of running shoes from the future. It looks really fierce and futuristic with its colour combination of black, blue and glowing yellow. Furthermore, from its serrated midsole to its wavy outsole, the Gel-Kinsei Blast looks like it comes imbued with plenty of technologies. And it actually does.

Right out of the box, the Gel-Kinsei Blast looks really fierce. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

Its midsole features Asics’ Pebax propulsion plate with FF Blast Plus foam at the rear foot area. This is said to re-direct the runner’s energy forward while enabling a smooth and cushioned landing. In addition, the shoes use Asics’ shock-absorbent Gel technology cushioning to further reduce the impact to your foot and knees. Its rubber outsole has strategic placement of groves for stability and grip.

Finally, inspired by a samurai’s armour, its engineered knit upper has an eyelet system that stretches with the mid foot for a more locked-in feel.

The eyelet system and the padded tongue offers locked-in and comfy feel. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

The moment I put my feet into the Gel-Kinsei Blast, I am surprised by how comfortable it felt. This is no doubt due to the padded tongue and the thick collar cushioning.

My ankles feel well-supported and my feet nicely locked. Yet, my toes still have enough space to wiggle without any slippage during runs.

There is no break-in period with this pair of running shoes. It feels like I have been running with it for a month or more, when I took it for the first 4km jog. Obviously, the shoes feel even more comfortable with more runs.

+ Imbued with plenty of technologies
+ Balanced ride
+ Ample cushioning
+ Good looks

– Not cheap
– A tad heavy

I also like the ample cushioning that significantly reduces the impact on my joints and feet. My feet and my injury-prone ankles feel really protected.

While it does not boost any energy return like some of its competitors, the Gel-Kinsei Blast does offer a slight boost to those who prefer rear foot strikes.

Being a rear foot striker, I find it does offer a little lift during my runs. For those who tend to do fore foot strikes, you might not be able to feel this boost.

The Gel-Kinsei Blast is really a blast to run in. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

Not to mention, the shoes are pretty heavy due to its ample cushioning. While this might be a drag during everyday runs, it makes for a good everyday training shoes. In fact, I think it is ideal for those training for marathons.

Just imagine the personal best you might be able to achieve when you change to lighter racing shoes on race day.

At S$279, it might be a wee bit expensive. But for those looking for a pair of everyday running shoes that offer plenty of cushioning and protection, the Asics Gel-Kinsei Blast is just what you are looking for.

DESIGN: 8/10

Trevor Tan

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