Apple iOS 17.4 brings new Emojis & other new features

With each new iOS update, Apple brings a suite of powerful changes that will improve the way you interact. iOS 17.4 brings exciting updates such as new emojis, Apple Podcast transcripts, language options in Siri and Battery.

React to Messages in a Fun Way

If you didn’t already know, you can peel, resize, and stick any emoji you want to your conversations in Messages to send as an inline response. This way, you can emote to specific messages with any emoji you want to convey.

Photo Editing

Tap Edit > Markup > Add Sticker to add any emoji sticker you want to your photos to emote however you want. When glancing back at photos, you’d then be able to remember how you felt when capturing / receiving those photos.

Brand New Emojis

Emote in more precise ways with new emojis, including a head shaking emoji in both horizontal and vertical orientations and more.

Apple Podcast Transcripts

Transcripts are now available for podcasts in English, French, Spanish, and German. You can view the full text display for each episode as you listen to your favorite shows, interacting in an immersive manner never before experienced. This makes it much easier to follow along as you listen to your favorite podcasts.

You can now also search for specific words or phrases within the podcast and tap any part of the transcript to play from a specific point anytime you want. Learn more here.

Battery Health information

You can now access your battery cycle count, manufacture date, and first use on iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models from Battery Health in Settings.

Other iOS 17.4 Updates

In Apple Music, music recognition allows you to add songs you’ve identified to your Apple Music Playlists and Library – in Apple Music Classical as well.

Siri now has a new option to allow you to listen to messages you receive in any supported language.


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