Apple Arcade: May 2024 Updates

On 2 May 2024, Apple Arcade will welcome 3 acclaimed and popular games from the App Store – with no ads and no in-app purchases required.

A Slight Chance of Sawblades+

Made by Singaporean solo developer, Yong Kian Chin, this retro 2D pixelated platforming game promises to be quirky and challenging.

From skill-bases score-chasing action, to a juicy 8-bit soundtrack – players will dodge, jump, and somersault over razor-sharp sawblades to survive the deadly storm and work towards getting the ultimate high score.

Dicey Dungeons+

Irish indie developer, Distractionware’s deck-building experience, Dicey Dungeons+ will allow players to experience battles with monsters to uncover fantastic loot.

Players will get to level up their heroes as they work together to take down Lady Luck. Players will need to carefully plan strategies against the unknown of a dice roll.

Summer Pop+

Beijing-based game studio, Happy Elements’ Summer Pop+ is a popular match-three game with over a hundred fun puzzles to be solved. Harnessing magical powers and boosts, players will navigate through unique levels matching animals to trigger special effects.

Players will get to go fishing with Lemon Remon in a beach paradise, gather ingredients to make fruit ice cream and juice with Coffee Lot, collect candies and dolls for Rosy Mona and Purple Amy, and join the Green Idol to defeat the Octopus Boss.

Apple Arcade

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