AirTag Helps Passenger Track Lost Wallet Despite Airline’s Claim

Apple’s AirTag has been a lifesaver for many people who have lost items, especially luggage at airports. But this time, a passenger named John Lewis accidentally left his wallet on an American Airlines flight. Despite the airline saying they couldn’t locate the wallet, thanks to AirTag, Lewis was able to track its journey to 35 different cities.

John shared the story on his Twitter account, revealing that he had forgotten his wallet on the plane after a delay caused him to miss his connecting flight. But, with an AirTag in his wallet, he was able to see its location through the Find My network. The network uses Apple devices to share the AirTag’s location with its owner. Although Lewis could see exactly where his wallet was, American Airlines told him they couldn’t find it after cleaning the plane.

He was able to track the wallet to 35 different cities through the Find My network, but the airline kept insisting they couldn’t find it after cleaning the plane. John even reached out to American Airlines on Twitter but so far, no luck in finding his wallet.

Since AirTags were released in 2021, there have been some pretty wild stories about how they’re helping people track down lost items, like when an airline employee in Florida was caught with $15,000 worth of stolen luggage, or when newlyweds used an AirTag to find their lost luggage after their honeymoon. So, the AirTag is not just a fancy accessory, it’s a lifesaver!

If you’re still on the fence on getting an AirTag to put in your belongings, this might be your sign to get it.


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