Want to run Windows 11 with a Mac? You can when you have Parallels Desktop 17

Parallels has announced its latest virtualisation software for Mac with the Parallels Desktop 17 (PD17). It will support Mac computers running on Apple M1 chips as well as those running on Intel processors.

Being a universal binary application, PD17 is also optimised to run the next-generation operating system (OS) of Windows 11 and macOS Monterey. Both new OSes are expected later this year or early next year.

You can drag and drop text or image between Mac and Windows applications in PD17. (Photo: Parallels)

As you might expect, PD17 will bring some speed improvements over its predecessors. On all supported Mac computers, Windows, Linux and macOS are expected to resume up to 38 per cent faster, while OpenGL graphics performance is said to be up to 6 times faster. For Mac with M1 chip, it expected to have up to 28 per cent better DirectX 11 graphics performance.

Windows 10 will recognise Mac battery status in PD17. (Photo: Parallels)

In addition, there are more features in PD17 for Apple M1 Macs. For instance, with PD17, Windows 10 will recognise Mac battery status and enables battery savings when your Mac runs low on juice.

Not to mention, PD17 users will be able to drag and drop any text or image between Mac and Windows applications, including between Windows applications and macOS Monterey Quick Note, when it is available.

PD17 is available now online with three versions for you to choose from. Prices start from US$79.99.

Trevor Tan

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