Counter-Strike 2 Leak – Game Might Be Coming Soon

Valve has recently been focusing primarily on hardware, starting with VIVE VR and now with the Steam Deck. However, according to a new report, they may soon release a massive project – the much-discussed Counter-Strike 2.

Over the years since the release of the original Counter-Strike in 2000, there have been numerous rumors about a possible sequel. Despite this, the game has persevered and the 2013 release of CSGO still stands as one of the leading first-person shooters on the market.

Nevertheless, this particular rumor holds more weight than previous ones, as it comes from Richard Lewis, a highly respected Counter-Strike journalist. Lewis has confirmed reports from other sources and has provided specifics in a Substack article that is only accessible with payment.

The notion is that Counter-Strike 2 is not just a distant concept but a tangible reality. According to Lewis’ report, a beta version of the game may be available as early as late March or early April, and there are even speculations that it may be released on April 1st, which has sparked concerns among observers about it being an April Fool’s Joke.

Additional information disclosed that Valve had discreetly flown in a professional CSGO team to conduct testing on the game. Moreover, Counter-Strike 2 will have a tick rate of 128, utilize Source 2 engine, and have enhanced matchmaking.

There appears to be some dispute regarding the possibility of Counter-Strike 2 being an entirely separate game rather than an upgrade to CSGO. Some players are cautious about this prospect as they wonder whether years of accumulated skins can be transferred between the two games. However, there are currently no specifics available on this matter.

In essence, if the rumors are accurate – and with Richard Lewis backing them, many are convinced they are – this could be Valve’s most significant launch since Dota 2 in 2013 (apologies to Half-Life Alyx, which was excellent but did not have as much impact) or the original CSGO in 2012. After 11 years, it appears that CSGO is ready for an upgrade or replacement.

Assuming that the beta is indeed scheduled for late March or early April, we can anticipate that Valve will begin making official announcements regarding Counter-Strike 2 soon. Nonetheless, even with just Lewis’ report, the gaming community has been sent into a frenzy, and it seems that this fervor will not die down anytime soon, given the significance of this revelation.

I may not be the biggest Counter Strike player, but I used to play Garry’s mod a lot in my secondary school days, when I was learning how to mod and joining Dark RP servers. I have high hopes for Source 2 as it would mean potential releases for more beloved valve games such as Half-life and please just release Left 4 Dead 3 already. I need a damn good zombie game.


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