Microsoft Permanently Kills Off Internet Explorer Today

Microsoft’s process of phasing out Internet Explorer has made it seem like we’ve been hearing about its demise for a long time, but this is because it is being carried out gradually. The next step in this approach involves Microsoft issuing an Edge update that will permanently disable Internet Explorer (IE) on specific versions of Windows 10. The company had previously revealed its plan to release this update in December 2022, initially stating that it would be delivered via a Windows Update, but later announcing that it would instead come in the form of an Edge update.

The upcoming Microsoft Edge update will be implemented across all devices, including both consumer and commercial devices, and will not offer an option to undo the update. Subsequently, Internet Explorer (IE) users will be shown a message stating “The future of Internet Explorer is in Microsoft Edge,” and their browsing data will be transferred seamlessly to Edge whenever they attempt to launch an IE-based use-case.

Those that have ignored multiple warnings and have yet to transition to this mode may experience disruptions to their operations as specific applications that rely on IE may no longer function properly.

Even though you’ll be redirected to Microsoft Edge starting today, you’ll still see some signs of Internet Explorer hanging around for a little while. Things like the icons on the Taskbar will stick around until June 13, 2023, when they’ll finally be taken away in a Windows Security “B” release update. But, if you want to get rid of them even sooner, you can install the optional, preview “C” release on May 23, 2023.


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