Magic Cards Worth US$100,000 Found In US Landfill

During the weekend, a Reddit user known as LATIN0 shared some intriguing pictures online. While at the dump, they had stumbled upon multiple boxes in pristine condition that contained Magic: The Gathering cards.

LATIN0 had shared the discovery out of pure interest and curiosity, writing “Someone threw away 6 pallets of Magic TG cards at my local city landfill.” However, shortly after the post, chaos ensued. The post quickly gained tens of thousands of upvotes, and various websites started to report on the news despite having little knowledge about the contents of the boxes. Turns out they were boxes full of stuff like Unfinity and Modern Horizons II sets.

LATIN0 shared some regret that they were not aware of the true value of the Magic: The Gathering cards when they initially posted the pictures. They did manage to save a few of the cards and expressed a desire to keep them as a reminder of the missed opportunity. LATIN0 stated that it was a “woulda coulda shoulda moment of my life”.

“The cards are all under layers of trash, each day 2-4 layers are being added”, they said earlier today. “Don’t try to come and look for some. They are all damaged”.


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