Logic Pro for iPad 2 & Mac 11

At the Let Loose event 2 days ago, Apple announced the all-new Logic Pro for iPad 2 & Mac 11 that is powered by AI. The new Logic Pro introduces features that truly augment the music-making process and provides assistance to artists at precise moments.

Session Players: Personalized AI-Powered Backing Band

Session Players provide phenomenal experiences for artists by enabling a personalized AI-powered backing band that responds directly to any feedback input.

When Drummer was introduced to the music creation industry more than a decade ago, it took the industry by storm as one of the world’s first generative musicians. With key improvements and the addition of a new virtual Bass Player and Keyboard Player today, Logic Pro is set to change the way artists uses their iPad.

In collaboration with the world’s best bass players using advanced AI and sampling technologies, Bass Player provides artists from 8 different options to guide their performance with intuitive controls. Artists can choose from 100 Bass Player loops and jam along with different chord progressions. Artists can define and edit chord progressions to a song with Chord Track, and the virtual Bass Player will sync automatically. Artists can also access 6 new recorded instruments including acoustic and electric options with Studio Bass plug-in.

Artists can choose from 4 different styles in Keyboard Player to accompany a vast range of music genre. Keyboard Player revolutionizes the way artists can augment their tracks – from simple block chords, to chord voicing with extended harmony and more. As artists use Chord Track to add and edit the chord progression of a song, Keyboard Player will sync perfectly as well. With Studio Piano plug-in, artists can select additional sound-shaping options which includes adjustments of 3 mic positions, pedal noise, key noise, release samples and sympathetic resonance.

Stem Splitter

Having Logic Pro for iPad 2 is a huge asset to artists who can now have the freedom to perform their best without the pressure of being in a studio setting – which at times, may be quite restrictive. Recordings from Voice Memo can unveil magical performances that are nearly impossible to recreate, and with Stem Splitter, artists can now recover these inspirational moments from any audio file. Artists can also separate any mixed audio recording into 4 parts: Drums, Bass, Vocals, and Other instruments right on device. Application of effects, addition of new parts or augmenting the mix can come easily with separated tracks. Stem Splitter is lightning fast all thanks to AI and M-series Apple silicon.


Leveraging AI and the immense power of M-series Apple silicon, ChromaGlow models sounds that are produced by a blend of the world’s most highly regarded studio hardware. Artists can dial in the perfect tone with 5 different saturation styles to add the oomph needed to any track.

Artists can work between iPad and Mac easily while on-the-go, and perfect their tracks when back in the studio.

Pricing & Availability

Logic Pro for Mac 11 is available on 13 May as a free update for existing users and for S$299.98 for new users on the Mac App Store. Logic Pro for Mac 11 requires macOS Venture 13.5 or later.

Logic Pro for iPad 2 is available on 13 May as a free update for existing users and for S$6.98 per month or S$69 per year on the App Store, with a one-month free trial for new users. Logic Pro for iPad 2 requires iPadOS 17.4 or later.


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