ICYMI: Highlights of PlayStation Showcase 2021

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) held its PlayStation (PS) Showcase 2021 yesterday to offer gamers a look into the future game offerings for its PS4 and PS5 gaming consoles. Here are the some highlights of the showcase.

Gran Turismo 7
Availability: Mar 4, 2022 (PS4 & PS5)

A Gran Turismo (GT) game being released is as rare as having the Halley’s Comet revisiting Earth. So for racing simulation fans like myself, it is super exciting to hear that the Gran Turismo 7 (GT7) finally has a release date – Mar 4, 2022.

GT7 will see the return of the much-loved GT campaign mode with players starting from the World Map. Historic circuits like the Trial Mountain and High-Speed Ring will be making a comeback as well. And as you might expect from a GT game, the graphics are going to be photo-realistic and the handling of the different cars to be simulation-realistic.

Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic Remake
Availability: Unknown (PS5 Exclusive)

Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic (KOTOR) – released in 2003 – is undoubtedly one of the best, some say the best, role-playing (RPG) games of all time. And SIE, Aspyr Media and Lucasfilm Games are remaking the classic RPG exclusively for PS5.

The introduction trailer did not offer much of gameplay. But the makers said they will be rebuilding it from the ground up with the latest technology to match the groundbreaking standard of innovation established by the original, while staying true to its revered story.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2
Availability: 2023 (PS5 Exclusive)

After the critical success of Marvel’s Spider-Man in 2018 and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Mile Morales last year, it is almost inevitable that we will see a Spider-Man 2. And in this new game, we will see Spider-Man and Mile Morales battling together against a formidable foe – Venom.

It will be interesting to see how the gameplay would be like – whether we get to play both Spidey and Morales simultaneously in different chapters or if there are two campaigns – one for each of our protagonist. Looks like we will have to wait a while to find out.

Marvel’s Wolverine
Availability: Unknown (PS5 Exclusive)

Nothing much is revealed in the introduction trailer. Details are sparse, but Marvel’s Wolverine will be a standalone action game with “emotional narrative and cutting-edge gameplay”, according to its maker.

However, you probably can be confident it will be something great because the game is helmed by the creative minds behind the superb Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. I don’t know about you, but the thought of playing Wolverine like in Marvel’s Spider-Man is mouth-watering enough for me.

God of War Ragnarok
Availability: 2022 (PS4 & PS5)

The sequel to the 2018 God of War has an official name – God of War Ragnarok. The latest trailer shows a brief look at the two main antagonists – Freya and Thor – as Atreus wants to find out more about his destiny while our old protagonist Kratos wants to protect his son.

Most importantly, it is great to see Kratos wielding his iconic pair of chained blades – Blades of Chaos – in some over-the-top action the series is famed for. But it is not the only weapon that Kratos will be wielding, as he can seen wielding sword and shield as well as his Leviathan Axe. We can’t wait…

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