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First Look at Nothing Ear (stick)

London-based consumer tech brand, Nothing, has been making literal waves in the tech world – with it’s recent launch of the Nothing Phone (1) back in August making people super hyped about the Glyph Interface.

You thought that was it. You’re wrong. Nothing is already back with: Ear (stick).

Source: Nothing

Partnering with fashion designer Chet Lo at London Fashion Week, Nothing debuted the first look of Ear (stick) at Chet Lo’s NEWgen solo show at Old Selfridges Hotel.

Source: Nothing

The show featured custom-made limited edition bags that were cleverly created with sheer fabric that complemented Nothing Phone (1)’s transparent design and illuminated Glyph Interface back panel.

Source: Nothing

Chet’s style and collections have always been about pushing the limits of what has already been done before, and marries the classic style category with radical engineering brilliantly. This gels very well with Nothing’s beliefs – and it culminated in an exciting partnership that was shown to the world at London Fashion Week.


Ear (stick) is feather-light with a comfortable ergonomic design. It feels light and as if you’re not wearing anything at all. Effortless.

Designed for extreme comfort and quality, Ear (stick) has one of the most sensitive dynamic driver in the market. At 12.6mm, it is nifty enough for a comfortable fit, yet large enough to deliver rich depths and clear highs in whatever music / show you are into.

The unique charging case is inspired by classic cosmetic silhouettes – it’s shaped like a huge lipstick. We’re not complaining.


With Bass Lock and Clear Voice Technology, the equaliser curve is automatically tuned to the best experience for the user, and the 3 high definition mics work together with updated algorithms to filter out loud background noises, amplifying your voice for wind and crowd-proof calls.

Source: Nothing


The press controls are located snugly on each earbud and work seamlessly even when your fingers are wet. You can effortlessly press on the earbud stem to play, pause, skip tracks, activate voice assistance and change volume.

Battery Life

Ear (stick) allows you to enjoy up to 7 hours of listening time and up to 3 hours of talk time. The case helps fast charge the earbuds, anytime, anywhere. Pop the earbuds in the case for just 10 minutes for an extra 2 hours of listening time.

Source: Nothing


Phone (1) works perfectly with Ear (stick) – with all device settings and features directly integrated into Phone (1) for a seamless experience in Device Details. For all other Android and iOS devices, all features are available in the new Nothing X app.

It’s classic. Compact. Comfortable. Tech so sleek, you can’t even feel it. All so you can experience everything else.

Pricing & Availability

Find out more on the specs here.

Retailing at Challenger stores, Shopee and Lazada at SGD$169, Ear (stick) should be next on your list.


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