Final Fantasy XVI might not come to PC

Final Fantasy XVI’s game producer, Naoki Yoshida, who is colloquially known as Yoshi-P, has been quoted as saying that the release information is wrong, and there may not be a PC version of the game. Sorry for the L, PC guys.

Final Fantasy XVI is developed by Square Enix and is planned to release as a console exclusive for the PlayStation 5. In the past, there were indications that the game might also be released for PC, but more recent marketing materials for the game do not mention a PC release. The game’s exclusivity for PlayStation 5 is likely due to the close relationship between Square Enix and PlayStation. However, the game will take advantage of the PS5’s hardware to make the gameplay experience smoother.

This is despite previous statements that the game would be available on PC in the future, as is the case with many other Final Fantasy titles. However, it should be noted that the producer’s statement is not official confirmation and the status of the game being a PS5 exclusive or a multi-platform game is subject to change. Hey we’re not complaining. I’ve got yet another reason to validate my PS5 purchase.


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