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Final Cut Pro: Now On iPadOS!

Finally, the day that we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! Apple has rolled out Final Cut Pro on iPad and it’s the best thing any creative can ask for! From making full use of iPad specific interface to having a comprehensive content library, Final Cut Pro gives you everything you need to create entirely on iPad Pro and iPad Air with an M1 or M2 chip. Let’s dive in!

iPad Optimised Editing Interface

The best part of working from an iPad is the intuitive interface and navigating through complex timelines with familiar Multi-Touch gestures like swipe and pinch-to-zoom. Drag-and-drop your assets, be it video, audio, graphics and effects into the Magnetic Timeline. Trim and make frame-accurate edits with your fingertips right on your iPad.

The use of jog wheel allows you to make the most precise and accurate adjustments to your timeline with just your fingers. No more clumsily dragging elements onto the wrong track or timing just because your fingers aren’t precise enough. Jog wheel makes it all that much easier for you!

Have you tried drawing with your mouse from your editing setup and things didn’t go as planned? With Live Drawing, you can easily draw directly with your fingertips or an Apple Pencil. Now your titles and one-off artworks can genuinely be handmade by you!

Multicamera Video Editing

When you’re shooting a product or an interview with multiple cameras, you can now easily sync and edit multicamera clips right on Final Cut Pro. Preview newly created multicam clip in the browser and playback all four clips at the same time! Switch between cameras and cut between angles just by tapping your finger. Set the audio output, create a new multicam clip or enter the angle editor all from one convenient view!

Fast Cut machine learning

Separate a subject from its background without a green screen or manual rotoscope. With Final Cut Pro, you can easily isolate the subject with the Scene Removal Mask and replace backgrounds or create unique title treatments, just like magic!

When you’re working on the go, you don’t get the luxury of having a soundproof audio booth to record your voiceovers. Apply and adjust Voice Isolation in Final Cut Pro to intelligently isolate and eliminate
background noise while preserving speech so every edit sounds its best. Clean audio every time!

Built-in Pro Camera Mode

What better way to improve workflow than to have direct access to the camera right in the editing software! You get to monitor your shots and make sure your audio levels don’t peak and your exposure don’t get blown out. ProRes codec, high shutter speed to pull off slow motion and resolutions of up to 4K all baked right into the editing software. Who needs to worry about importing all the footage into the project? Not me!

Expansive Content Library

Dynamic titles, lower thirds and all the essential graphic elements all at your fingertips. Use popular titles and transitions to achievea consistent theme across your project. Colour grading presets and audio filters like single-band EQ and compressor are all built-in. No more toggling between softwares to work on different parts of your video project.

Project Compatibility

And when you need to move to your Mac to use the big boy tools like Object Tracker or more advanced colour correction, you can easily send your project over to continue editing. How satisfying is that?


Starting Wednesday, May 24, Final Cut Pro for iPad will each be available on the App Store for S$6.98 per month or S$69 per year with a one-month free trial. Final Cut Pro is compatible with M1 chip iPad models or later. Final Cut Pro for iPad requires iPadOS 16.4. For more information, visit

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