Peter Griffin currently exists as a 1980’s sitcom and you’re not ready for this

YouTuber Lyrical Realms is using AI to create some wild videos, including music videos with their own lyrics as input for AI image generation models. Recently, they posted fake opening titles for Family Guy, but with a twist. They imagined the show as an ’80s live action family sitcom, complete with huge hairdos.

Image from Youtube: Lyrical Realms

The video starts with the Family Matters theme song and takes us through the characters, including the Griffin family and supporting cast members like Cleveland, Quagmire and Joe. People are saying the video is weirdly accurate and that it feels like a bizarre alternate reality. Some even find it creepy how realistic these AI-generated images are.

Check out the YouTube trailer below, I’m just gonna warn you that you’ll either absolutely love it or hate it. But one thing’s for sure – you’re not ready.


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