Disney Melee Mania MOBA game from local developer on Apple Arcade next month

Apple today announced Disney Melee Mania, a 3-vs-3 MOBA (mobile online battle arena) game, will be available exclusively on its gaming subscription service, Apple Arcade, next month.

Disney Melee Mania is being developed by Singapore-based game studio Mighty Bear Games that brought Butter Royale to Apple Arcade last year.

In “Disney Melee Mania, players battle in 3-versus-3 matches featuring teams with iconic Disney and Pixar characters. (Photo: Apple)

Mr Simon Davis, Mighty Bear Games’ CEO, said: “We are thrilled to work with Disney to bring these beloved characters to the first-ever Disney and Pixar battle arena game.”

“Disney Melee Mania” drops you into a virtual battleground and lets you choose from 12 characters from several Disney and Pixar franchises, with more characters to be added regularly.

These characters include Wreck-It Ralph, Elsa, Mickey Mouse, Frozen, Buzz Lightyear and even Maleficent. Each character will appear in a distinct action-ready design equipped with their own set of iconic moves and unlockable cosmetics.

You get to choose from Disney and Pixar characters like Mickey Mouse. Elsa and Buzz Lightyear. (Photo: Apple)

Each player using their favourite character will battle in 5-minute 3-versus-3 matches to score as many points as possible or defeat the opposing team as many times as they can.

Details are scarce at the moment. But Apple says that the game will have multiple modes, different challenges to test players’ skills, and chance to earn in-game rewards from events.

However, you will need to subscribe to Apple Arcade (S$6.98 per month) in order to get access to the game when it is released. The game subscription service is growing to over 200 games with new frequent new additions.

Trevor Tan

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