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This Friday, 7th April, the iconic Doctor joins Apple Arcade with Doctor Who: An Unlikely Heist. Ahead of the 60th anniversary later this year of the globally renowned TV series, help The Thirteenth Doctor and her companion Yasmine Khan save time, space, and the world in this new and original story.

apple arcade dr who

Doctor Who: An Unlikely Heist (Tilting Point) — From leading global mobile game publisher Tilting Point and the BBC, dive into a world of adventure and mystery in Doctor Who: An Unlikely Heist. Combining quest games, detective work, and science fiction, this game is different from other puzzle games as players find hidden objects within the Doctor Who universe. With beautiful graphics that blend hyper-realistic and cartoon-like style, mini-games, and events, players must keep their brains alert to find small clues and solve the big mystery.

On April 21, embark on a world-saving journey in Summon Quest from Team17 USA, indie publisher of hit Arcade titles such as Farmside and The Survivalists.

apple arcade summon quest
  • Summon Quest(Team17 USA) — Take on the role of a powerful summoner tasked with closing a rift that has unleashed hordes of monsters onto the world. It’s up to the player to heal this rift and save the planet. Explore a beautiful and magical world, fighting through different regions — each with unique enemies, challenges, and bosses — for ultimate rewards.

Rounding out the month on April 28, we have two games launching — Cornsweeper and Grand Mountain Adventure+.

Get caught up in Cornsweeper from Jamaican solo developer wbuttr, who’s mission is to spread warmth through hand-crafted, illustrative design and a spirit of giving. 

apple arcade cornsweeper
  • Cornsweeper (wbuttr) — Cornsweeper is a chill and whimsical reimagining of the beloved logic puzzle game Minesweeper. A meditative mind-sweep-em-up, players pop delicious popcorn and avoid explosions, all set to a relaxing and original lo-fi-inspired soundtrack. The music is influenced by wbuttr’s Jamaican cultural heritage, and features reggae and Jamaican Patois (the local dialect).

App Store Greats

Also on April 28, take to the mountains in Grand Mountain Adventure+. Relaxing yet challenging with superb controls, this open-world skiing and snowboarding game is packed with everything from long-jump challenges to twisty downhills and so much more. 

apple arcade grand mountain adventure

Grand Mountain Adventure+ (ToppLuva AB) – Explore entire mountains in this open-world skiing & snowboarding adventure. Land the biggest cliff drops in the backcountry, freeride down a steep chute, clip the gates in a slalom track, stomp a perfect park run, or just explore the vast ski resorts. Featuring seven huge open-world mountains to explore and multiplayer with up to 16 players, players have the absolute freedom to ski and snowboard wherever and however they want. 

New Content Updates

Throughout the month, you can also play exciting new updates for hit games in the catalog. WHAT THE GOLF? is back with a brand new update that’s kind of sus, Angry Birds Reloaded brings Easter-themed goodies to usher in spring, and SpongeBob SolitairePants adds 25 all new Quest levels and six new decks.

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