Circles.Life launches 5G in Singapore 

It’s finally here. 

Circles.Life today announced the launch of its 5G SA (Standalone) services in Singapore as part of its commitment to lead the 5G evolution in Singapore, and give power back to the consumer. 

5G Speeds, Photo by Circles.Life

As one of the first Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) in Singapore to unveil the offering, the launch is a testament to Circles.Life’s mission to continuously push the boundaries of the ever-evolving telecommunications landscape and business models. Circles.Life 5G SA technology enhances the mobile internet experiences of prospective and current customers, thus laying the foundations for seamless connectivity across smart devices and services. 

The Circles.Life rollout approach to 5G SA differs from earlier in-market 5G NSA (Non-Standalone) iteration. 5G NSA utilises a combination of existing 4G LTE architecture with a 5G radio access network (RAN). In contrast, 5G SA uses only a 5G RAN and a cloud-native 5G core, which delivers bigger channels (to speed up data), ultra-low latency (higher responsiveness) and greater device capacity (ability to connect more devices) – resulting in 30% faster uploads and reinforced authentication and encryption capabilities. 

“M1 is proud to be the partner of choice for Circles.Life since 2015. 5G will be the next global wireless standard and we are delighted to be connecting Circles.Life’s customers to our 5G network. M1 will continue to support MVNOs with new and unique value propositions that add to the telco industry’s overall development and infrastructure,” said Alen Ng, Head of Corporate Development, M1. 

Siddarth Chaturvedi, Country Head (Singapore & Taiwan), Circles.Life explained, “Reinforcing the legacy of Singaporean companies at the forefront of the digital revolution, we are passionate about building the future of telecommunications with our valued partners M1 in our latest 5G SA co-launch. Fostering a culture of creativity and innovation is at the core of what we do best here at Circles.Life, and we are proud to step up and spearhead this charge with 5G SA as the catalyst of our sustained push towards greater digital transformation in 2023.” 

Photo by Circles.Life

We’re always excited to see healthy competition among brands! Consumers get to choose between more choices for service providers, suiting their different needs too, win-win!

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