Casio’s first G-Shock Wear OS smartwatch is finally a reality

Casio has finally launched its first G-Shock smartwatch that is powered by Wear OS by Google with the GSW-H1000.

Previously, Casio has released smartwatches running Wear OS smartwatch operating system including the WSD-F10 in 2016 and subsequently three Pro Trek Smart models. But there was never a G-Shock smartwatch model.

As many would know, a G-Shock watch means it is very rugged, shock resistant and water resistant down to depths of 200m. And the GSW-H1000, also known as G-Squad Pro, is no different.

The Casio G-Shock GSW-H1000 will come in three different colours. (Photo: Casio)

And being the flagship model of the sporty G-Squad series, the GSW-H1000 comes with an array of features to track your physical activities from daily runs to extreme sports.

It is packed with sensors including an optical sensor to measure your heart rate, a digital compass, altitude/air pressure sensor, accelerometer, gyro-meter and GPS.

In addition, Casio’s built-in software supports up to 15 outdoor activities, such as mountain biking, surfing and kayaking, as well as 24 indoor workouts like treadmill running. An accompanying Casio G-Shock Move app (available on Android and iOS) will be used to manage and analyse your training and activity data gathered from the smartwatch.

Like previous Casio smartwatches, the GSW-H1000 features a dual-layer monochrome and colour display. This 1.2-inch (360 x 360 pixels) display uses the colour panel for smartwatch functions, while its monochrome panel can be used for timekeeping only.

The Casio GSW-H1000 features a dual-layer monochrome and colour display. (Photo: Casio)

Battery life is rated at around 1.5 days when in smartwatch mode, but can last to up to a month in timekeeping mode. There is no solar power though but charges via a cable. A full charge takes around three hours, according to Casio.

There is no word about the local availability and pricing of the Casio G-Shock GSW-H1000. We will update this story once we have hear anything from Casio Singapore.

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