Beats Studio Buds+ Premature Listing Reveals Specs And Pricing

The Beats brand is gearing up to launch its next-generation wireless earbuds, the Beats Studio Buds+, which was listed on Amazon. The new earbuds will feature a transparent design that shows off their internal components, as well as improved battery life, noise cancellation, transparency mode, and spatial audio support.

A see-through upgrade

The Beats Studio Buds+ were spotted on a premature retail listing on Amazon’s website by MacRumors, which revealed various details about the upcoming model, including images and features. The listing has since been removed, but not before it was captured by various outlets.

The new earbuds will offer a skeletal, transparent design, similar to the Nothing Ear (2) which also opt for a see-through aesthetic. They will also be available in white or black for those who prefer a more conventional look. The earbuds and the accompanying charging case for this latest model seem to retain the shape and size of the original Studio Buds from 2021, with no extended ear stems and a small, compact form factor.


A longer-lasting listening experience

According to the listing, the Beats Studio Buds+ will provide 36 hours of battery life in total, a decent amount when you consider the first Beats Studio model managed up to 8 hours from the buds and up to 24 hours from the case. The new earbuds will also feature larger microphones for better voice quality, and a more powerful processor that enables enhanced noise cancellation and transparency mode.

The noise cancellation feature will reportedly be 1.6 times more effective than the previous model, while the transparency mode will be twice as good. Transparency mode is the feature that lets some ambient noise in so the user remains aware of their surroundings.

A spatial audio sensation

The big news for Beats fans is that the Studio Buds+ will finally bring in spatial audio support for both Android and iPhone users. This means they will be able to enjoy immersive sound from compatible tracks from streaming services . Spatial audio creates a 3D sound field that makes it seem like the music is coming from different directions.

The new earbuds will also support “Hey Siri” voice commands for iPhone users, as well as one-touch pairing and automatic device switching for both iPhone and Android devices.

A May 18th release date?

The Beats Studio Buds+ were listed for USD$169.95 | SGD$226 on the Amazon page, which is only slightly higher than the original Studio Buds’ launch price of USD$149.95 | SGD$200.

The listing showed a May 18th release date, which could mean that Beats is planning to announce the new earbuds soon. However, this date could also be a placeholder or an error, so we advise taking it with a grain of salt until we hear something official from Beats.


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