New Health Feature in iOS 17 – Mental Health

Mental health is one of the under-talked about topic especially in Asian context. With iOS 17, Apple brings a powerful new health feature – Mental Wellbeing – which allows one to log down their emotions at any point in one’s day to better track one’s emotion trajectory.

I tried it out last night as I was feeling quite stressed out – and while I do keep a conventional journal, I find this Health update extremely useful. Cathartic, really.

If you have iOS 17 Public Beta installed on your iPhone, simply tap into the Health app, and you’ll see the option to log your feelings under Mental Wellbeing. You can choose to log down how you feel at that exact moment, or how you felt throughout your day.

This intuitive slider allows you to choose how you felt – from Very Unpleasant to Very Pleasant.

Ignore how negative these feelings are for a moment, and just have a look at the options that pop up that corresponds with how you reacted in the slider option in the previous frame. The options can be expanded to include more than what you see on the screen, and you can simply select exactly how you feel with intuitive keywords.

The next option that pops up allows you to select exactly what context landed you in your pool of emotions, and what really matters to you.

Once you’re done, you’d get a reminder prompt if you’d like for your iPhone to remind you when to log your emotions – in case you forget.

In Conclusion

The Health app in iOS 17 and iPadOS17, and the Mindfulness app in watchOS 10 adds that human touch for you to reflect on your state of mind, anytime, and anywhere you want.

You’d be able to see valuable insights to pinpoint what could be contributing to your state of mind, and can help you manage your overall health much better.


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