Apple Arcade in March Is Something To Get Excited About

Did you know that if you just got yourself an eligible Apple device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV or Mac), you’re eligible for 3 months of Apple Arcade for free?

This month, more new developers and four new games are being added to the Apple Arcade catalogue — Kimono Cats from HumaNature Studios, a Hawaii-based studio building playful and charming games; Osmos+ from Canadian developer Hemisphere Games; Cluedo: Hasbro’s Mystery Game+ from London-based Marmalade Game Studio, who specialises in bringing classic board games to life on mobile; and Human: Fall Flat+ from 505 Games. This adds on to the already popular releases from other brilliant developers, such as Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On! from GAME FREAK, Dead Cells+ by Playdigious, and more. 

Arcade Originals

Kimono Cats (HumaNature Studios) 

From this Friday, this cute cat-centric game is sweet, charming, and filled with mini-games galore. Kimono Cats is a charming and original social mobile game that blends skill, creativity, and friendly social gifting and competition. Step into the paws of a cat and walk through a Japanese “matsuri” festival. Play a variety of fun mini-games to earn coins and to progress along the road to new areas that have new things to discover. Coins can be used to purchase houses, shops, and decorative objects to design and build unique villages. Players can also visit other players’ villages to leave gifts, messages, and stamps in their guest books. 

Kimono Cats on Apple Arcade

Osmos+ (Hemisphere Games)

Osmos+ is part ambient, cosmic simulator, and part Darwinistic game of survival. This multi-award-winning title features beautiful, physics-based gameplay, dreamlike visuals, and an atmospheric electronic soundtrack. Progress from serene levels into varied and challenging worlds. Osmos+ leads players through ambient playgrounds, deep solar systems, competitive petri dishes, dense mote-fields, and more. 

Osmos+ on Apple Arcade

New Content Updates

Throughout the month, you can also play exciting new updates for hit games in the catalogue. Including new Japanese spring festival (Matsuri) themed recipes and customisation options in Cooking Mama: Cuisine!; a roster update and addition of 10 new Greatest Players in NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition; even more new Story Levels (Nixie Sectors 1-5) in Jetpack Joyride 2.

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