Apex X21 Destroyer: 168 TB PCle M.2 SSD USD$25,000 Monster

A collaboration between Sabrent and Apex Storage

Sabrent, a company known for its high-performance storage devices, has announced a new version of its Destroyer SSD, a massive add-in card that can hold up to 168 terabytes of data and deliver blazing-fast speeds of up to 31 gigabytes per second.

The Apex X21 Destroyer is the result of a collaboration between Sabrent and Apex Storage, a specialist in high-density NVMe storage solutions for professional and enterprise workloads. The card features 21 Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus SSDs, each with 8 terabytes of capacity and among the best in the market for enthusiasts, gamers, and professionals.

apex x21 destroyer

A PCIe 4.0 x16 card that can reach over 31 GB/s

The card uses a PCIe 4.0 x16 interface and can reach sequential read and write speeds of over 31 gigabytes per second, according to Sabrent’s preliminary tests. This is close to the maximum bandwidth of the PCIe slot and an improvement over the previous Destroyer 2 model, which could achieve around 28 gigabytes per second.

The card also supports RAID modes and has a built-in fan to keep the SSDs cool under heavy load. Sabrent has not revealed the random read and write performance or the price and availability of the Apex X21 Destroyer, but it is expected to be a premium product for those who need extreme storage performance and capacity.

Some differences from the previous Destroyer 2 model

There are some internal differences between Apex X21 Destroyer and the old Destroyer 2 solution. The most important is that the former product used a RAID card while the new Destroyer uses two PCIe 4.0 switches and will require third-party software or hardware solutions if you want to configure RAID arrays.

The second difference is that the Apex X21 Destroyer needs to draw external power from two eight-pin PCIe power connectors, whereas the Destroyer 2 only needed one six-pin connector to keep eight SSD blades running.

Sabrent is still conducting internal testing for the new product and has yet to provide info on a release date or pricing. Judging by the price of the carrier board and Rocket Plus 4 SSDs, a fully kitted Apex X21 will likely cost north of USD$25,000 | SGD$33,352.62.

apex x21 destroyer

Not the only exotic SSD from Sabrent

The Apex X21 Destroyer is not the only exotic SSD that Sabrent offers. The company also has the Rocket Q Battleship, a PCIe 3.0 x16 card that can hold up to 64 terabytes of QLC NAND flash memory and reach speeds of up to 14 gigabytes per second. Sabrent also sells more conventional M.2 and SATA SSDs for various use cases and budgets.

As much as I would love to get something to fit in my pc that literally has the name destroyer in its name, I believe it would be destroying my bank more.


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