Two new gaming desks announced on the same day by different Singapore companies – Secretlab and Omnidesk

Yesterday, local gaming chair company Secretlab launched a new gaming desk with the Magnus Metal Desk. On the same day, another local firm Omnidesk also launched a new Ichi (Japanese for one) series of premium gaming desk.

The first gaming desk by Secretlab. (Photo: Secretlab)

The Magnus signifies Secretlab’s first foray into the gaming desk market. On the other hand, Omnidesk – a spinoff from local gaming PC maker Aftershock – has been making gaming desks since 2018.

Omnidesk’s Ichi series is an evolution of its Pro 2020 Wildwood collection. Unlike the all-black looks of most gaming desk, the Ichi series features a beautiful wood top that will up the luxury level of homes or offices while maintaining its height-adjustable capability.

The Ame (rain tree) variant of Omnidesk Ichi gaming desk. (Photo: Omnidesk)

The Ichi is available in two materials of Ame (rain tree) and Kawa (teak). As it uses one big slab of wood, every Ichi desk is unique by virtue of its natural-occurring shape and pattern. Thus, each gaming desk is truly one-of-a-kind.

The Kawa (teak) variant of the Ichi series. (Photo: Omnidesk)

The Ichi Ame is available in 48 inches (S$1,650), 60 inches (S$1,800) and 72 inches (S$1,950), while the Ichi Kawa is available in the same size for a higher pricing of S$2,200 (48 inches), S$2,550 (60 inches) and S$2,900 (72 inches).

By comparison, Secretlab’s Magnus Metal Desk is not height adjustable. But it comes with its own magnetic ecosystem. That is easy to achieve because the entire desk is made of steel.

Secretlab’s proprietary magnetic ecosytem for Magnus. (Photo: Secretlab)

You can manage and store your cables or accessories with Secretlab’s proprietary ecosystem of magnetic accessories. The desk’s built-in cable management tray, which is concealed by a rear hinged cover, allows space for a power extension socket or two as well as hiding unsightly cables.

The Magnus comes with a magnetic leatherette desk mat, which you can upgrade from the standard one to a Cloud9 or Team Liquid one.

Magnus has a cable management tray concealed by a rear hinged cover. (Photo: Secretlab)

Finally, it comes with RGB LED strips to ensure everyone will know your room is a gaming setup. How come we don’t get RGB lighting on the Secretlab gaming chairs?

Anyway, the Magnus Metal Desk comes in two lengths – 1.2m (from S$449) and 1.5m (from S$499). You can pre-order the 1.5m model now, while the 1.2m model’s availability will be known at a later date.

Trevor Tan

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