Local custom PC maker Aftershock’s new experience store is the Endgame

Singaporean gaming PC maker Aftershock has launched a new experiential store called Endgame as a one-stop station for PC gamers.


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The new 650 sq m, or around the size of five 5-room HDB flats, space “aims to redefine custom PC consumer journeys by presenting the entire ecosystem of PC components and peripherals together as a unified whole”, according to Aftershock.

Aftershock Endgame lets customers experience every aspect of custom PCs. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

Aftershock co-founder Mr Marcus Wee said: “As its name suggests, the Aftershock Endgame project envisions a new paradigm for PC experiences, and emphasises our ethos of driving new innovations in the local PC industry; from offering award-winning products to delivering unparalleled purchase and service experiences.”

Aftershock co-founder Marcus Wee during the media preview of Endgame. (Photo: Aftershock)

The experiential centre aims to showcase how every element of a customer’s PC setup comes together and interacts, beyond product showcases for PC peripherals and gaming furniture.

You will be able to experience and understand how each piece of their setup fits together, from why particular monitors must be matched with specific graphics cards, to how their desk supports their day-to-day ergonomics. There is a station called the Forge where you can assemble your own PC under the guidance of an Aftershock professional.

Welcome to The Forge. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

One of Endgame’s highlights is the highly anticipated on-demand parts upgrade service called Upgrade Bay. To be more exact, it allows Aftershock customers to try and upgrade their graphics card. Given how rare and expensive graphics cards are nowadays, this feature will be invaluable to PC gamers.

It might not look like much, but this Upgrade Bay will be invaluable to all Aftershock customers. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

Sitting within Endgame is another brand-new venture called Mash. A partnership between Singapore keyboard company Tempest and Aftershock, Mash seeks to be Singapore’s experiential custom keyboard specialist.

Mash sits inside Endgame to provide keyboard enthusiasts a one-stop station. (Photo: Mash)

Co-founded by veteran keyboard enthusiasts Issac Yuen and Ben Hui from Tempest, Mash’s mission is “to deliver a one stop custom keyboard experience in Singapore for users of all skill and interest levels”.

With that vision, the company decides to have the Mash Experience Centre within Endgame to allow customers experience hundreds of combinations of mechanical switches, keyboard frames, keycaps, stabilisers and other components in a single location.

Mechanical switches galore for the keyboard addicts. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

Endgame is part of Aftershock’s 10th anniversary celebration, as the local outfit added a new 1,021 sq m production bay and a 743 sq m revamped service centre into its arsenal.

With these additions, Aftershock’s headquarters will span at total of 3,800 sq m, or the size of 41 football fields. This will be the largest dedicated custom PC production and experiential space in Singapore, according to Aftershock.

Located at B Central (994 Bendemeer Road, unit 05-07, Singapore 339943), Aftershock Endgame will open this Saturday Feb 19 at 10am and closes on 7pm. Thereafter, it opens daily from 1130am to 8pm on weekdays and 12pm to 6pm on Saturdays. It is closed on Sundays and public holidays.

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